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Killer sentenced for Snapchat murder

|News, Violent crime

A man who stabbed his friend and streamed the killing on Snapchat has been sentenced at Mold Crown Court.

Mark Harley Jones, 20, was at his friend’s flat on 11 July 2021. They were planning on watching the Euro 2021 final together. However, Jones picked up a knife and stabbed his friend, Kyle Whalley, to the chest while streaming his actions on Snapchat.

Andrew Warman of the CPS said: “Kyle Whalley was planning on watching the football with his friend but instead he was brutally murdered by a person he trusted to be in his home.

“The fatal act being published on social media is shocking and must have been horrific for those who witnessed what had happened.

“The CPS proved that Jones was not acting in self-defence, as he had claimed, and this conviction brings him to justice.

“Our thoughts remain with Kyle’s family and friends who have shown great strength throughout the Court process.”

Mark Harley Jones was sentenced to life imprisonment and ordered to serve a minimum of 18 years.

Notes to editors

  • Andrew Warman is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in CPS Cymru-Wales.
  • Mark Harley Jones (DOB: 3/8/2002) was convicted of murder following a trial.
  • Kyle Whalley died on 11 July 2021 aged 19 years old.

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