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Underlying Data

The Data section of the Crown Prosecution Service website is where we publish underlying source data for the website. is a key part of the Government's Transparency programme for the UK public sector as a whole. The site provides a single point of entry to all the government data becoming available.

We have chosen to publish our data in CSV (comma-separated values) format. This is a simple text format for a database table. Each record in the table is one line of the text file. Each field value of a record is separated from the next with a comma. The first line of the text file may be a header line containing a usable 'name' for each field.

Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) caseload data are available through its Case Management System (CMS) and associated Management Information System (MIS).

The CPS collects data to assist in the effective management of its prosecution functions. The CPS does not collect data which constitutes official statistics as defined in the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007. This data has been drawn from the CPS's administrative IT systems, which (as with any large scale recording system) is subject to possible errors with data entry and processing. The figures are provisional and subject to change as more information is recorded by the CPS. We are committed to improving the quality of our data and from mid June 2015 introduced a new data assurance regime which may explain some unexpected variance in some sets of data.

The official statistics relating to crime and policing are maintained by the Home Office and the official statistics relating to sentencing, criminal court proceedings, offenders brought to justice, the courts and the judiciary are maintained by the Ministry of Justice.

Annual Report and Key Measures

Each year, the Crown Prosecution Service presents its Annual Report to the Attorney General and Parliament. The report presents an overview of the Service's performance, make-up and achievements over the past financial year.

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Case Outcomes

This data relates to the CPS case outcomes by principal offence monthly reports that give an analysis of the outcome of CPS proceedings in magistrates' courts and in the Crown Court.

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Workforce diversity data

This data relates to the breakdown of CPS staff and recruitment on an annual basis, based on gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality and religion, in several categories.

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In delivering public prosecutions the CPS resources and expenditure are analysed between Administration Costs and Crown Prosecutions and Legal Services.

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Hate Crime

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) hate crime annual reports bring together information on CPS performance in prosecuting racist and religious hate crime, homophobic and transphobic crime, crimes against the older person and disability hate crime.

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Violence Against Women and Girls

This data relates to the annual CPS Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) report, and covers the following strands: domestic abuse; rape and sexual offences; harassment; human trafficking; prostitution; child abuse; forced marriage; honour based violence; and pornography.

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Sickness Absence

These reports give an analysis of the numbers and causes of sickness absence in the Service. Monthly reports and data are available.

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Victims' Right to Review data

The Victims' Right to Review (VRR) Scheme was first launched in June 2013. These data cover the number of cases reviewed under the Scheme in each financial year. They reflect the number of cases where the initial decision made was found to be the right ones and those where it was not. This is also put into the context of the total number of qualifying cases the CPS dealt with during the year in question.

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CPS Facility Time data

Facility Time is the provision of paid or unpaid time off from an employee’s normal role at the CPS to undertake Trade Union (TU) duties and activities as a TU representative.

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