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Man sentenced for murder of older woman who wandered in to his house

|News, Violent crime

A Barmouth resident who killed a woman who mistook his house for a Bed and Breakfast has been sentenced for murder at Caernarfon Crown Court.

David Redfern, 46, was at his home in Marine Parade on 10 July 2022 when he found 71-year-old Margaret Barnes sat on his bed. She had entered the five storey house with her small suitcase, thinking it was a B&B with vacancies that a relative had recommended.

Redfern forcibly ejected her from the property, dragging the victim by her ankles down the stairs and into the street. At some point whilst she was on the floor, Redfern kicked/stamped on her.

Rhian Jones of the CPS said: “David Redfern’s reaction to the mistake was unjustified and completely out of proportion to the situation.

“The strong evidence presented by the CPS has resulted in this conviction, and justice for Margaret Barnes.

“Her loss will continue to be felt by her family and friends, who have our deepest sympathy, but we hope the conclusion of the case will help them in their grief.” 

David Redfern was sentenced to life imprisonment and ordered to serve a minimum of 14 years.

Notes to editors

  • Rhian Jones is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in CPS Cymru-Wales.
  • David Redfern (DOB: 21/2/1977) was convicted of murder following a trial.
  • Margaret Barnes died on 11 July 2022 aged 71 years old.

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