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Four guilty of Oliver Freckleton's death

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A 19-year-old man has been convicted of the murder of a young father who was fatally stabbed the day before his 20th birthday.

Chardon Carnagie of Grampian Way, Derby was convicted of the murder of Oliver Freckleton at Stafford Crown Court  today (21 March 2023) following a trial that lasted over two months.

Mykel Paddifoot, 18, of Thackery Street, Derby and a girl, aged 17, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were convicted of manslaughter.

A fourth defendant, 21-year-old Travel Reid of Sinfin Lane, Derby pleaded guilty to manslaughter at the end of the trial.

Oliver Freckleton suffered a fatal stab wound in the leg at a house party in Burton-on-Trent on 11 December 2021.

He had attended a friend’s 17th birthday party and was stabbed as he tried to stop a fight between the defendants and another friend.

The court heard that during the party, the 17-year-old defendant had invited her boyfriend and his friends to the party for the sole purpose of attacking her ex-boyfriend who was Mr Freckleton’s friend because she was unhappy with his presence.

The defendants disguised themselves with masks and balaclavas and some had taken weapons including knives.

When a fight started outside the house, Mr Freckleton stepped in to assist his friend and he was stabbed in the leg.

Sadly, he died on the driveway at the house party protecting his friend while the defendants drove away in three cars.

When they were arrested, the defendants denied any involvement in Mr Freckleton’s death. However, witness testimony, CCTV footage, mobile phone and scientific evidence played a key role in proving the case.

Witnesses evidence proved that the female knew that Chardon Carnagie carried a knife when she invited him and his friends to the party to attack Mr Freckleton’s friend.

Oliver Freckleton’s blood was found on a footmat in the rear of one of the getaway cars. A pair of shorts stained with his blood were recovered from Chardon Carnagie who had attempted to evade his crime by asking his father to wash his belt and jeans. A dress recovered from the 17-year-old girl’s home was also stained with his blood.

Careful analysis of phone evidence and CCTV showed how the defendants had planned part of their attack including agreeing to take weapons over SnapChat. Phone and mobile data evidence along with the CCTV also mapped the journey of their cars to the scene and showed the jury the crucial calls made just before and after the stabbing which proved that they planned this irrational attack.

Kate Seal of the CPS said: “This is another senseless loss of a young life to knife crime and I welcome the jury’s verdicts of guilty.  Oliver Freckleton should have been safe at his friend’s party and because of the defendant’s actions, his life was tragically cut short as he selflessly tried to protect his friend. I hope the verdicts serve as a warning to anyone who believes it is acceptable to carry knives and weapons. Oliver’s family are devastated at their loss and my thoughts remain with them and his young daughter who will grow up without her father.”

Notes to editors

•    Kate Seal is a Specialist Prosecutor at CPS West Midlands.

•    The CPS charged nine defendants in total for this crime. While three have been convicted and one has pleaded guilty, the others have been acquitted by the court. We respect the jury’s decision.

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