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Father convicted of manslaughter of six-month-old son

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The father of a six-month-old baby who suffered a non-survivable brain injury has been convicted of manslaughter.

Kairo Hollick died on 12 February 2020 after suffering from a traumatic brain injury and skull fractures. Expert evidence presented by the Prosecution at trial demonstrated that his father violently shook him and hit his head against a hard surface. Kairo also suffered a fracture to his right forearm.

David Hollick, 29 of Walsall, denied causing catastrophic injuries to Kairo. The jury acquitted him of murder but convicted him for manslaughter.

The court heard that Kairo was in his father’s care for the weekend having been dropped off by his mother on 7 February 2020 as part of their usual custody arrangements.

However, two days later, Kairo was rushed to hospital in a floppy and unresponsive state. Tests revealed he had suffered devastating injuries including bleeding on the brain, fractures to his skull and bruising to his head and body.

When doctors who treated him asked David Hollick what happened, he lied and claimed Kairo had suddenly stopped breathing and that he had shaken him to wake him up.

However, his explanation was not consistent with Kairo's injuries, which experts said were comparable to those sustained during a fall from a height, or a car crash.

Despite the best efforts of doctors at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, it was impossible to save Kairo as his injuries were too severe. Sadly, on 12 February 2020, Kairo’s life support system was turned off and he died in his mother’s arms.

Using witness testimony as well as phone and medical evidence, the CPS presented a compelling case that proved David Hollick was responsible for his son’s death.

The injuries inflicted on Kairo happened after he was last seen to be well while in his father’s care on 9 February 2020 by members of David Hollick’s family.

Georgina Davies of the CPS said: “This was an abuse of trust by a father who was supposed to love and care for his child.

“Kairo was just six months old when he died; he could not even walk or talk yet he had been subjected to abuse at the hands of his own father. The jury held him accountable for his actions.

“I hope the outcome of the case will bring justice to Kairo’s mother and family whose lives have changed forever with their loss.”

Notes to editors

  • Georgina Davies is a Senior Crown Prosecutor at CPS West Midlands.

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