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Two men sentenced for breaking into Marwell Zoo


Two men have been sentenced today (19 January 2023) at Winchester Crown Court after they broke into Marwell Zoo, causing damage to enclosures and disturbing animals.

Bradley Green, 24, and Nathan Daniels, 21, both from Fareham, broke into the grounds of the zoo during the evening of 15 February 2021, whilst it was closed to the public due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

They caused damage to the perimeter fence to gain entry and then caused further damage to the giraffe and penguin enclosures, as well as throwing items at animals and into enclosures.

Videos they filmed of themselves having broken into the zoo were posted on Snapchat, which resulted in the police being alerted to the break-in.

Both men pleaded guilty to criminal damage, with Green also admitting throwing a bottle at a giraffe to gain its attention, undoubtedly causing the protected animal unnecessary suffering.

They were both sentenced to 12-month community orders with 120 hours unpaid work. They must also each pay £750 in compensation to Marwell Zoo.

Angharad Thomas, CPS Wessex Senior Crown Prosecutor and Wildlife Lead, said: “Bradley Green and Nathan Daniels showed absolutely no regard for the safety of protected and endangered animals in the zoo.

“Their senseless and reckless conduct caused unnecessary suffering to animals, and damage to property.

“This sort of behaviour is simply unacceptable and indeed dangerous, both to members of the public and to animals that are so caringly looked after by their zookeepers.”

Notes to editors

  • Bradley Green DOB 19/11/1998
  • Nathan Daniels DOB 22/01/2001

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