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Criminal cases prosecuted by the CPS are in the news every day, along with a range of issues relating to our work – from violence against women and girls and hate crime, to support for victims and witnesses, statistics and speeches.

To ensure greater openness in the reporting of criminal proceedings, the CPS, the police and media representatives developed a joint protocol for working together.

Here you can find our latest news stories and search for others. You can also find additional details about a number of high-profile cases and the work of the CPS.

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Jailed accountant who defrauded NHS ordered to pay back nearly £240k

An accountant who was jailed for defrauding the NHS, companies and individuals, has been ordered to pay back nearly £240,000 and faces an additional 20 months in prison if he fails to pay.

| Press Release , Proceeds of crime, Fraud and economic crime , CPS News

UPDATED David Carrick: Police constable jailed for a relentless campaign of sexually and mentally abusing women

A Metropolitan Police officer who degraded, raped and sexually assaulted women has today admitted his crimes.

| Press Release , Sexual offences , CPS, Thames and Chiltern News

Sentence Update: Fraudsters sentenced for £21m loss in cryptocurrency

Four offenders were sentenced today (13 January 2023) for fraudulently obtaining and laundering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency worth tens of millions of pounds from an Australia-based cryptocurrency exchange.

| Press Release , Fraud and economic crime , CPS News

Former police worker ordered to pay back £60k for his fraudulent action

A former West Yorkshire Police employee has been ordered to pay back £59,816.24 in compensation after stealing money from Huddersfield police station’s evidence locker.

| Press Release , Fraud and economic crime , CPS News

Man charged with murder of Elle Edwards in Liverpool on Christmas Eve

The Crown Prosecution Service has authorised Merseyside Police to charge Connor William Chapman, 22, with nine offences relating to a shooting at the Lighthouse Public House on 24 December 2022.

| Press Release , Violent crime , CPS, Mersey-Cheshire News

A double murderer sentenced to life imprisonment

A builder who murdered two women, one of whose bodies has never been found, has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

| Press Release , Violent crime , CPS News

Sentence Update: Former Premier League star jailed for £15 million investment fraud

A former Premier League star has been jailed today (12 January 2023) for defrauding friends, family members and associates out of £15 million.

| Press Release , Fraud and economic crime , CPS News

Ex council worker jailed for nearly £1 million taxpayer fraud

A former council worker extradited back to the UK has today (12 January 2023) been jailed for stealing nearly £1m from a local authority. 


Jealous husband jailed for life for murder of estranged wife

A jealous husband who accused his estranged wife and mother of his two children of “disrespecting and humiliating” him has been sentenced to life imprisonment for her murder.

| Press Release , Violent crime, Domestic abuse , CPS, Yorkshire and Humberside News

Former GP jailed for life for sexually assaulting patients

A doctor who persuaded women and teenage girls to undertake invasive medical examinations under the guise of genuine need has been jailed for life.


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We will aim to be fair and accurate in all the information we publish. We will aim to correct any inaccuracies as soon as possible.

We are unable to monitor social media round the clock. We are not able to engage with all those who seek a response from us due to resources but also due to privacy and the sensitive nature of some of our work. The best way to contact the CPS is through our website.

Please do not try to report crime using social media. To report crime, please call 101 or visit your local police station. In an emergency, always call 999.

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