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CPS Says: How we prosecute rape cases

There are a number of stories today about how the CPS makes its decisions about prosecuting rape and sexual offences.

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CPS response to the announcement of the Criminal Bar Association ballot on action

A CPS spokesperson said: “We are well aware of the concerns being raised by the Bar but are disappointed they have taken this step. We wrote to them earlier this month to make clear that we hugely value their work and share their desire for a swift and positive conclusion to the review of fees schemes.

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CPS Says - Prosecuting Rape cases

There have been a number of harrowing stories published in recent weeks about individual's experiences of the criminal justice system when they report rape.

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Why charges could not be brought against Sheffield Wednesday regarding the Hillsborough disaster

We know the sentencing of Graham Mackrell on May 13 for his role in the Hillsborough disaster has been an important milestone for everybody affected by the events of that tragic day.

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Handing over mobile phone data in rape prosecutions

There is widespread media coverage today about how police and prosecutors use information from the mobile phones of people who report rape or other sexual offences.

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The CPS pay award

There has been some media coverage and social media comment about the CPS pay award.

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Returnees from Iraq or Syria

There are a number of news stories today about people returning from Syria or Iraq. Some of the articles reference comments made by Max Hill. These comments were made in his previous capacity as independent reviewer of terrorism legislation and not as the Director of Public Prosecutions.

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Stansted Airport case

The prosecution of 15 defendants following an incident at Stansted Airport in 2017 has led to a number of misleading reports about the case.

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Letter to the Mail on Sunday on conditional cautions in domestic abuse cases from Max Hill QC, DPP

Very strict conditions underpin the use of conditional cautions in domestic abuse cases but the CPS is clear – this is not about letting offenders off the hook (Theresa May's local police force lets off wife beaters with a caution despite PM's pledge to get tough on domestic violence, Sunday 20 January).

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Letter to the Sunday Telegraph from Sue Hemming, Director of Legal Services, on personal data and how it is used in criminal investigations

The way personal data is used in criminal investigations is an issue of growing significance.

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