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Letter to media outlets re: the case of Jack Shepherd

The CPS prosecuted and secured the conviction of Jack Shepherd for manslaughter and we are as determined as ever to see justice served. It is untrue that we failed to bring him to court on the GBH charge and also untrue that the case is finished.

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Letter from DPP Max Hill to The Times in response to their leading article of 14 November 2018


You are right that I am determined to build trust in the Crown Prosecution Service, which means correcting fundamental mistakes about our role such as those in your leading article (Up Hill Task, Nov 14).

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CPS response to Sunday Telegraph letter, 21 October 2018

The CPS was approached by the Sunday Telegraph to provide a response to a letter from Liam Allan and Samuel Armstrong, which ran on 21 October 2018. The following response was provided, but not included by the Sunday Telegraph in its coverage.

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Letter to the BBC re: File on Four, 21 February 2018

To: Gail Champion, Editor, File on 4

21 February 2018

Dear Ms Champion,

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