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Man pleads guilty to sexual assault

|News, Sexual offences

Adio Adeshine (also known as Adeshine Adio) appeared at the Central Criminal Court today. The 20-year-old man entered a guilty plea to two counts: sexual assault by touching and breach of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order which had been imposed on 3 August 2022 at an Inner London Crown Court.

District Crown Prosecutor Anita Arora said: “Adio Adeshine targeted a woman in the queue who was waiting with other family members to see the lying-in-state of Her Majesty, the late Queen Elizabeth. He subjected the victim to a very public sexual assault and exposed himself to her. The victim was so concerned about his behaviour that she and her sister tried to form a barrier to prevent him reaching others in the queue. They alerted the security staff who called the police.

“This incident was hugely distressing for the victim and her family who were with her at the time, and she behaved with composure and courage. What Adeshine did was disgusting, especially given the sombre nature of the event and the dignity of the vast majority of people attending the lying-in-state during the period of national mourning. On arrest the defendant had initially denied any sexual assault, but the evidence was overwhelming.

“I hope that this prosecution encourages others who have been affected by this type of assault to come forward.”

Notes to editors

  • Anita Arora is a District Crown Prosecutor in London South.
  • The London South Crown Court Unit is a dedicated team, serving the south London, Westminster and City of London communities, prosecuting a wide range of cases deemed too serious or complex to be dealt with in the magistrates’ courts. These cases include attempted murders (requiring the existence of an intention to kill), armed robberies, complex frauds, serious assaults and major public disorder, firearms offences and offences involving the trafficking and supply of drugs. The casework is often high-profile and complex, with the unit frequently prosecuting conspiracies to commit offences, multi-defendant trials and cases involving significant gang activity or other serious organised crime.

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