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Former police officer jailed for multiple rapes and kidnap

|News, Sexual offences

A former Metropolitan police officer has been jailed for repeatedly raping two victims over a period of almost a decade.

Cliff Mitchell, 24, from Putney, was convicted of 13 counts of rape, including six counts of raping a child under 13, kidnap and breaching a non-molestation order after a trial at Croydon Crown Court in February this year.

He was sentenced today (1 May 2024) at Croydon Crown Court to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 14 years.

On 5 September 2023, Cliff Mitchell subjected one victim to a frightening and horrific ordeal when he attended her address, in breach of a court order, and violently raped her. This included placing a knife to her throat and threatening her family if she tried to get help. Prior to leaving the property, he blindfolded her and tied her wrists with cable ties before forcing her into his car at knifepoint.

The victim finally managed to escape from Mitchell’s car, and thankfully was assisted by a member of the public who drove her away from the scene. The member of the public’s actions ensured the victim’s safety until police arrived.

The victim had been raped and abused over a sustained period of years and Mitchell had used his position as a police officer to intimidate the victim. He told her that no one would believe her if she reported him to the police because of his position.

The CPS reviewed a previous allegation which had been made against Cliff Mitchell and authorised charges involving a second victim that Mitchell had raped over a period of three years when he was a youth. These offences were added to the most recent case to ensure that justice was delivered for both women.

Barbara Down, Senior Crown Prosecutor with the CPS London South Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RASSO) Team, said: “Cliff Mitchell demonstrated an escalating pattern of dangerous violent behaviour towards women, culminating in serious emotional, sexual, and physical violence, which will undoubtedly cause the victims lasting pain and trauma.

“Not only did he inflict undue pressure on one victim, persuading her to drink alcohol against her will in order to rape her, but he also used his authority as a police officer to scare her into thinking that she couldn’t report to the police because no one would believe her over him.

“This was a gross breach of the trust placed in him as a police officer and demonstrates how far he was willing to go to avoid being held responsible for his appalling criminal behaviour.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, the CPS will ensure that perpetrators are prosecuted, and that justice is delivered for victims.”

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