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Three men jailed for the murder of Frantisek Olah

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Three men have been jailed today (24 February 2023) at Winchester Crown Court for the murder of 30-year-old Frantisek Olah.

Je’Daine Carty, 18, Ismaila Kamarra-Jarra, 19 and Cohan Daley, 18, were found guilty of murder after a trial lasting 10 weeks.

At today's hearing Ismaila Kamarra-Jarra was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 32 years. A sentence of life imprisonment was also given to both Je'Daine Carty and Cohan Daley, with both required to serve a minimum term of 29 years.

Frantisek Olah suffered catastrophic injuries when Carty, Kamarra-Jarra and Daley burst into his Basingstoke home late in the evening of 22 May 2022. The three men immediately set upon Frantisek Olah in a frenzied attack as he opened the door, which left him with numerous serious and ultimately fatal wounds.

John Hepworth, CPS Wessex District Crown Prosecutor, said: “The attack on Frantisek Olah was a shocking and devastating act of violence.

“Carty, Kamarra-Jarra and Daley showed absolutely no remorse for their actions. Evidence from witnesses showed that they were laughing and joking soon after the attack, and indeed were boastful about what they had done.

“What followed was a fast-paced and thorough investigation by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary police officers, which pieced together extensive mobile phone evidence, CCTV evidence and forensic analysis.

“With all of the evidence put together, we were able to present a strong prosecution case to the court, proving that these three men were jointly responsible for Frantisek’s murder.

“Our thoughts remain with Frantisek Olah’s family today after their tragic loss of a loved one. We hope they will feel that justice has been delivered, after what has been a complex and lengthy trial.”

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