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Salisbury man jailed for manslaughter of Freddie Fontete-Jones

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A man has been jailed today (6 February 2023) at Winchester Crown Court for killing Freddie Fontete-Jones with a single punch to the head that caused Freddie a catastrophic brain injury.

Connor Pool, aged 25 and from Salisbury, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to nine years' imprisonment.

During the early hours of 20 February 2022, Freddie was punched in the head by Connor Pool in the area outside Chick-O-Land, New Canal. He tragically died three days later.

This vicious attack was completely unprovoked and indeed was described by a witness as a “cheap shot” because Freddie had no chance to see it coming and didn’t know to brace himself or react in any way.

From accounts given by witnesses present at the time, Pool approached Freddie and punched him to the head so hard that he was taken completely off his feet and fell to the ground already unconscious.

Mary-Ruth Johnson, CPS Wessex Senior Crown Prosecutor, said: “Although Pool fled the scene and took measures to try and minimise his responsibility for Freddie’s death, he eventually handed himself into the police.

“With the number of witnesses to the attack and the evidence obtained from CCTV cameras, he had little choice but to admit his guilt when confronted with the prosecution case against him.

“The attack on Freddie was senseless and resulted, tragically, in his death. Sadly, this case highlights what can happen as a result of alcohol-fuelled aggression and the unthinkable consequences of even just one punch.”

“We hope today’s outcome will bring some small measure of comfort to Freddie’s family who have suffered such a devastating loss. Our thoughts remain with them.”

Notes to editors

  • Connor Pool DOB 24/08/1997

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