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UPDATED: Man jailed for Stockport manslaughter

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Updated 03 April 2024. Originally published 08 March 2024

A Wythenshawe man has today been sentenced for the manslaughter of his sister's ex-partner in Stockport in December 2021.

Liam Fosbrook, 29, was at his sister's home in Stockport on 17 December, when her ex-partner Dylan Towers, 35, turned up uninvited and entered the front and back garden.

Fosbrook armed himself with two kitchen knives and went outside to confront Mr Towers. During the confrontation, Mr Towers was stabbed multiple times to the neck and chest.

Fosbrook did nothing to assist Mr Towers as he lay seriously injured as he returned inside the house.

He discarded a knife under the Christmas tree. The second knife was found in a neighbour's garden. Both knifes contained Mr Tower's DNA.

Neighbours contacted the police who arrived a short time later and arrested Fosbrook.

Mr Towers was taken to Stepping Hill Hospital and on route he suffered a cardiac arrest. At the hospital he had emergency surgery for his wounds. Whilst on life support, he suffered further cardiac arrests and a haemorrhage. Treatment was withdrawn and he was pronounced dead shortly after midnight on 30 December, 12 days after the attack.

In police interview Fosbrook claimed he had acted in self defence as he feared for both his and sister's safety due to Mr Tower's persistence in returning repeatedly to the address despite police warnings.

During the trial the prosecution team highlighted that on this occasion instead of seeking police assistance, he took matters into his own hands and armed himself against an unarmed male who was significantly smaller than him. His actions went beyond self defence, he may have meant to scare him or cause him some harm, but he subsequently caused him serious harm which resulted in his death.  

Following a two week trial last month he was found guilty of manslaughter. Today he has been sentenced to seven years' imprisonment.

Sazeeda Ismail, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West said: "Liam Fosbrook carried out a knife attack on his sister's ex-partner, who was unarmed, and then made no attempt to help him afterwards.

"He could have contacted the police instead of confronting him. He could have simply spoken to him. But in a misguided act to defend his sister, he made the choice to arm himself with not one but two knives and during the confrontation stab him.

"Last month the jury rejected Fosbrook's claims that he was acting in self-defence and found him guilty of manslaughter. Today as he begins a prison sentence, he must face up to the consequences of his reckless actions.

"The CPS is committed to securing justice for those who partake in such needless violence and take matters into their own hands instead of contacting the Police. My thoughts are with the family and friends of Mr Towers at this time."

Notes to editors

  • Liam Fosbrook's DOB is 21/01/1995.

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