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Three guilty of murdering 17-year-old in Heywood

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Two men and one teenager have been found guilty of murdering Callum Riley on a residential street in September 2022.

The group were also convicted of causing grievous bodily harm to a 20-year-old man.

Tony Adams, 34, Dale Heywood, 26, and a 17-year-old boy were convicted of the offences following a lengthy trial at Manchester Crown Court.

Around 5am on 17 September 2022 Calum Riley and his 20-year-old friend went to Tony Adams’s house armed with glass bottles following threats having been issued and damage caused to the windows at the Riley’s home address. 

Inside the address were Tony Adams, Dale Heywood and a 17-year-old boy. The group were prepared for the arrival of Calum Riley and his friend, and opened the door armed with a knife and baseball bat between them.

In the melee that followed, Callum Riley was fatally stabbed, and his friend was also stabbed. Both were chased away from the scene.

Police later found Callum Riley collapsed on Atholi Drive in Heywood. Despite the best efforts of the emergency services, he died from a single stab wound to the back of his left thigh.

Callum Riley’s friend was treated in Hospital for a stab wound to his stomach.

During the police investigation that followed, it became clear that this was not an isolated incident, there was bad blood between Callum Riley and Tony Adams due to a cannabis debt owed to Adams by Callum Riley.

In the early hours of 17 September Tony Adams, Dale Heywood, Owen Maher, 20, Clayton Moores, 20, and the 17-year-old boy, had been to Callum Riley’s address, armed with weapons. Callum wasn’t in his house at the time, and the group broke a window at his address before leaving.

The day before, on 16 September, Stephen Kendall, 25, one of Tony Adams’s associates, confronted a friend of Callum Riley whilst in the pub, threatening him with a knife. Callum responded by issuing threats towards Adams and his associates. Adams was not prepared to stand for this and wanted to teach Callum Riley a lesson.

After Callum Riley and his friend had fled from Tony Adams’s address, Michelle Conaghan, 35, in a bid to destroy any evidence of what had taken place, began cleaning up, thereby assisting those who murdered Callum Riley.

Sentencing will take place at a later date.

Rebecca Macaulay-Addison, Specialist Prosecutor for CPS North West’s Complex Casework Unit said: “Tony Adams and his associates could have stayed in the house and called the police, but they chose to arm themselves and fight, with fatal consequences for 17-year-old Callum Riley and serious injuries for his 20-year-old friend.

“The Prosecution Team worked with Greater Manchester Police from an early stage in the investigation to build a strong case to show that Adams, Heywood and the 17-year-old boy were jointly responsible for the death of Callum Riley.

“Our thoughts remain with the family and loved ones of Callum Riley at this difficult time.”

Notes to editors

  • Tony Adams (22/03/1989) of Minshull New Road, Crewe was convicted of murder, section 18 assault and possession of an offensive weapon. He pleaded guilty to criminal damage.
  • Dale Heywood (03/08/1997) of Windermere Road, Middleton was convicted of murder, section 18 assault, possession of an offensive weapon and criminal damage.
  • A 17-year-old boy was convicted of murder, section 18 assault, possession of an offensive weapon and criminal damage.
  • Stephen Kendall (01/09/1998) of Newhouse Road, Rochdale pleaded guilty to affray.
  • Clayton Moores (29/05/03) of Newbury Grove, Heywood pleaded guilty to affray and criminal damage.
  • Owen Maher (17/02/2004) of Shaftesbury Drive, Heywood pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon and criminal damage.
  • Michelle Conaghan (24/08/1988) of Minshull New Road, Crewe was convicted of assisting an offender
  • Niomi Conaghan (25/11/2004) of Minshull New Road, Crewe was acquitted of assisting an offender.

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