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Man sentenced for Blackpool murder

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A Blackpool man has been jailed for life for murdering his neighbour and disposing of his remains at various locations in Blackpool and Kendal in September last year.

William Wilkinson, aged 65, from Blackpool murdered Edward Forrester, aged 55, on 1 September at an address on Seafield Road, Blackpool where both lived in flats within the same building.

Mr Forrester’s friend contacted Lancashire Police during the early evening of 2 September when he failed to attend a prearranged meal with him.

On 3 September when officers attended Wilkinson’s flat which was below Mr Forrester’s flat, they found blood on the front door and in the kitchen and there was a strong smell of cleaning fluid. There was no sign of Wilkinson or Mr Forrester.

A murder investigation was started and using mobile phone data officers were able to track Wilkinson’s movements between 3 and 5 September to various locations in Blackpool and Kendal where he had disposed of Mr Forrester’s body parts.

Wilkinson was located in his van at Kirkstone Pass Inn, near Windermere, in the early hours of 5 September where he was arrested.

In his initial police interviews Wilkinson denied knowing where his missing neighbour was. In subsequent interviews following the discovery of Mr Forrester’s remains, he made no comment.

A post mortem examination showed that Mr Forrester had died as a result of being struck to the head multiple times with a metal object, before being dismembered. Some of his body parts have not been located.

Today he has been sentenced at Preston Crown Court to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 19 years and three months.

Katie Marsden, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West said: “This is a shocking and tragic case. After brutally murdering his neighbour Edward Forrester, William Wilkinson systematically dismembered him then disposed of Edward’s body over two counties over the following days.

“The CPS worked closely with Lancashire Police from the outset of the murder investigation and as the evidence unfolded over the course of the following weeks.

“My thoughts are with the family and friends of Edward Forrester at this incredibly difficult time, and I hope that today’s sentence will, in time, be of some comfort to them.”

Notes to editors

  • William Wilkinson's DOB is 19/03/1958.

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