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Man sentenced for attempting to murder police officer

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A man from Manchester who attempted to murder a police officer, attacked another and wounded two prison staff, has been sentenced to a hospital order today at Minshull Street Crown Court.

Jacob Brown, 27, attacked two police sergeants from behind with a craft knife as they dealt with a traffic incident in Trafford around 4.25pm on 26 July 2023.

The first officer felt what he thought was a punch and, as he turned around, Brown lunged at him with the knife on two further occasions.

The officer saw the knife and managed to get away before he was seriously injured, suffering swelling, two long scratches along his jawline and a scratch to his cheek.

Brown lunged at the second sergeant a number of times; both fell to the floor where Brown continued the attack.

The attack stopped when a third officer tasered Brown and arrested him.

The sergeant suffered a three-to-four-centimetre-deep wound to his neck which required surgery and stitches.

Brown made no comment when interviewed and was initially charged with attempted murder of both officers.

He appeared in court on 28 July 2023 and was remanded into custody.

He was taken to HMP Liverpool, where on 10 August 2023 he was given a pen to complete a form by a prison advisor.

As the prison advisor turned away to speak to a colleague, Brown attacked him with the pen.

CCTV showed Brown stab the prison advisor twice to the right side of the head before moving behind him and stabbing him from behind.

The prison advisor suffered a large wound to his ear which had to be closed with glue in hospital.

On 1 September 2023 Brown was appearing from HMP Liverpool on video link to Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court.

During the hearing, he suddenly launched himself at one of the prison officers in the room, getting on top of him and stabbing him to the side of his head with a knife.

The prison officer managed to stand and saw a hard plastic reusable prison knife lying on the floor with its tip sharpened to a point.

The prison officer suffered wounds to and around his ear, which were closed and glued at hospital.

Following psychiatric reports, Brown was sentenced on 19 April 2024 to a hospital order with restrictions.

Laura Keegan, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West, said: “The level of violence displayed by Jacob Brown was truly shocking.

“The CPS worked with Greater Manchester and Merseyside Police to build a strong case including CCTV footage, medical evidence and eyewitness testimony. We brought the cases together to show the full extent of the offending.

“Browns vicious, unprovoked attacks have left not only the physical reminders, but the mental scars too.

“I can only hope knowing Brown has been brought to justice will provide some comfort to the victims and their families.

Notes to editors

•    Jacob Brown (13/12/1996), of Manchester, pleaded guilty to attempted murder x1, s18 wounding with intent x3, possession of a bladed article x1.
•    Charges not proceeded with: attempted murder x2.
•    Jacob Brown was sentenced to a s37 hospital order with s41 restrictions.

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