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Man jailed for spitting at judge and probation officer

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A 34-year-old man who spat at a judge and a probation officer during a court hearing has been jailed. 

Michael Phelps became aggressive and abusive when he was denied bail during a hearing for driving offences at Croydon Magistrates' Court on 4 April. 

Phelps spat in the direction of the district judge, who had to temporarily leave the court room, before spitting at the probation officer, who was forced to climb over court benches to escape Phelps' actions.

At Reading Magistrates’ Court on 29 November, Phelps, of Croydon, south-east London, was sentenced to 26 weeks' imprisonment for assault, to run consecutively with the 14-month sentence imposed for his driving convictions. 

Michael Adebowale, CPS Senior Crown Prosecutor, said: "The sentence reflects the disgusting nature of his offence. 

"Court officials have the right to carry out their duties, dispensing justice, without being subject to this type of assault."

Notes to editors

  • Michael Phelps, (DOB: 7/10/1988), is from Croydon, south-east London
  • Michael Adebowale is a CPS Senior Crown Prosecutor with the London South Magistrates' Court Team. 

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