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Man posing as a taxi driver jailed for raping woman decade after near identical case

|News, Sexual offences

A man posing as a taxi driver who lured a lone woman into his car before raping her has been jailed – over a decade after committing a near-identical crime.

On 15 April 2023, Fareed Issa Tariq, 43, picked up the woman as she was waiting for a taxi after a night out in Swindon and then drove to a quiet layby where he sexually assaulted her.

Having pleaded not guilty and instead trying to blame the victim for his shocking crime, prosecutors with CPS Wessex dismantled Tariq’s lies by compiling strong forensic, witness and phone evidence at trial to secure a conviction for rape.

Crucially, the prosecution also succeeded in putting forward bad character evidence which outlined to the jury how Tariq had committed a near-identical crime in 2011; making the case that his previous conviction was relevant to the trial and could be disclosed.

In 2012, Tariq was convicted of rape after he offered a lift to a woman following a night out in Swindon, before driving to a secluded area and raping her.

Lisa Garcia, Senior Crown Prosecutor with CPS Wessex, said: “Fareed Tariq is a danger to women.

“Not only did he pose as a taxi driver to prey on a lone victim, Tariq then cruelly tried to blame her for his depraved crime.

“The fact he committed a strikingly similar crime over a decade ago shows he is devoid of remorse and remains a threat to the public.

“We hope his conviction sends a clear message that the CPS is committed to prosecuting rape cases and that we will always strive to deliver justice for victims.”

In the early hours of Saturday 15 April 2023, the victim booked a taxi to return home after a night out and received confirmation from the taxi company that one would arrive imminently.

Spotting the woman, Tariq presented himself as a taxi driver – luring the victim into his car before driving away.

During the journey, he began touching her inappropriately despite her asking him to stop. He then drove into a layby and raped her.

Tariq initially claimed that he had no sexual contact with the woman, but in a later attempt to cover up his crime when faced with incriminating forensic evidence, he blamed the victim for his DNA being present.

At trial, prosecutors outlined evidence from a forensic scientist whose findings discredited Tariq’s claims of how his DNA was present.

Today, at Swindon Crown Court, Tariq was sentenced to a total of 18 years.

Notes to editors

  • Fareed Issa Tariq (DOB: 01/10/1980), of Barnum Court, was convicted of rape on 19 February 2024 following a trial at Swindon Crown Court.
  • He was sentenced on 03/04/2024 at the same court. Tariq received an 18-year sentence, comprising 13 years in custody with an extension of five years on licence. He can be held in custody for a maximum of 18 years.
  • Lisa Garcia is a Senior Crown Prosecutor with CPS Wessex.

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