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GP who sexually assaulted his patients during routine appointments is jailed

|News, Sexual offences

A GP who sexually assaulted his patients, including a woman with terminal cancer, has been jailed.

Mohan Babu, 47, abused his position of trust by groping and kissing women without their consent while they were receiving medical treatment during routine appointments.

The assaults took place between September 2019 and July 2021, when Babu was working at a surgery in the Havant area of Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Crucially, each of his victims were unknown to each other and came forward separately to report his inappropriate conduct, showing a clear pattern of offending.

Babu’s behaviour included asking patients to remove their clothing when there was no medical need and subjecting them to non-consensual intimate touching, as well as prolonged hugs and kisses.

Sophie Stevens, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS Wessex, said: “Mohan Babu abused his position of trust as a GP to carry out vile assaults which left patients feeling violated.

“Sadly, one of these women passed away before Babu was convicted – but the CPS was determined that her voice be heard and we successfully applied for her evidence to be presented to the jury alongside these other women.

“Their voices, all heard in unison, painted a clear picture of offending and convinced the jury Babu was guilty of these assaults.

“Our suspect-centred approach to dealing with allegations of sexual assault – which are handled by specialist prosecutors – means we always focus on the behaviour and actions of the suspect, and not the victim.”

Building the case to present to the jury, prosecutors with CPS Wessex were successful in arguing that the evidence of a victim who has since died could be admitted and put to the jury. The victim, a patient with terminal cancer, told her family and nurses of Babu’s assaults before she died.

This victim’s evidence had stark similarities to the accounts of other women and it was deemed her witness statements would be admissible after the prosecution successfully argued this evidence was not coincidental, made in good faith, and highlighted Babu’s pattern of sexual abuse.

Prosecutors also secured a bad character application against the defendant by admitting the evidence of five other women who had previously complained about Babu’s conduct.

Their complaints, all made separately and read to the jury, included further details of alleged inappropriate touching by Babu while he was working.

When presented with this clear cycle of abuse, the jury convicted Babu on four counts of sexual assault against three women.

Babu was sentenced to three years and six months' imprisonment at Portsmouth Crown Court on 12 April 2024. As well as his jail sentence, Babu received a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Notes to editors

  • Mohan Babu (DOB: 21/12/1976) of Emsworth was found guilty on four counts of sexual assault against three women. 
  • He was found not guilty of three counts of sexual assault against a further two women. 
  • He was sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court on 12 April 2024 to three years and six months imprisonment.

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