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Former city councillor sentenced for harassment


A former Salisbury City Councillor who harassed his ex-girlfriend has been sentenced.

Mark Mewse, 64, began his campaign of harassment after his relationship with the victim ended. 

He started appearing at bus stops on the route which she worked as a bus driver, and delivering a barrage of cards, flowers, and gifts despite being told she was not interested in a relationship.

Refusing to take no an answer, Mewse even threatened to kill her cats before chasing after her when she threatened to call police.

Mewse claimed the victim was lying about the harassment in retribution for not taking her on a trip to New York.

Prosecutors with CPS Wessex were able to dispel his version of events, piecing together CCTV evidence and compelling witness testimonies, leading him to be found guilty.

On 26 April, Mewse was given a 12-week suspended sentence and ordered to pay costs of £804 at Salisbury Magistrates' Court.

To further protect the victim, prosecutors applied to the court for a two-year restraining order, which was granted.

Sibylle Cheruvier, a District Crown Prosecutor with CPS Wessex said: “Mark Mewse pursued a deliberate campaign of harassment against his victim after their relationship ended.

“The victim was quite clear that his behaviour was unwelcome, however these pleas were ignored in favour of his own selfish interests.

“His conduct was nothing short of criminal and I hope that his conviction sends the message that the CPS takes harassment extremely seriously.

“I would like to commend the victim for coming forward and supporting our prosecution. I hope this successful result goes some way to providing closure on this ordeal.

“I wish her all the best going forward.”

Notes to editors

  • Mark Antony Mewse (DOB: 20/02/1960) was found guilty after trial on 27th March 2024 of harassment without violence. 
  • He was sentenced to 12 weeks custody, suspended for 24 months. 
  • He was also ordered to pay costs of £804, including a victim surcharge of £154.
  • Mewes was also made subject to a restraining order lasting 24 months.
  • Sibylle Cheruvier is a District Crown Prosecutor with CPS Wessex.

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