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CPS Wessex: Successful Stalking Cases April 2024


During National Stalking Awareness Week, we are raising awareness of stalking behaviours and the work we are doing to ensure offenders are brought to justice.

Stalking can have a catastrophic effect on victim’s lives, often altering their lives entirely. We work closely with various agencies to identify stalking at the earliest opportunity, keeping the support and safety of victims at the forefront of every decision we make.

This week, we are sharing examples of some cases recently prosecuted by our CPS prosecutors in courts across Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, and Wiltshire.

Case Studies

At Portsmouth Crown Court last month, a man pleaded guilty to stalking involving fear of violence, after sending threatening messages to the victim, making threats to her in telephone calls and attending at her address while on bail following previous guilty pleas to assaults on the same victim.

At court, he was sentenced to 46 weeks custody, suspended for 18 months, with the requirement to complete a Building Better Relationships programme and 20 days rehabilitation. He was also made subject of a 10-year restraining order to protect the victim from any further contact.

At Bournemouth Crown Court, a man was found guilty of stalking involving serious alarm or distress having continually turned up at his ex-partners day of work, sending messages that have caused distressed and tried to persuade her back into a relationship by offering money.

He was sentenced to 36 weeks imprisonment and the victim was granted a three-year restraining order. He was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £187.00.

In a case heard at Southampton Crown Court, a man pleaded guilty to stalking, involving serious alarm and distress after continually harassing his ex-partner through a variety of email addresses and phone numbers.

He was given a one-year sentence, suspended for 18 months. He was also made subject of a restraining order to last for five years.

Another case which was heard in Winchester Crown Court involved a man who pleaded guilty to stalking involving serious alarm and distress. The defendant had breached his court-ordered bail to call and contact the victim and her friend via Facebook. The defendant had also surveyed the victim.

He was sentenced to 27-months imprisonment and made subject of an indefinite restraining order.

At Portsmouth Crown Court, we prosecuted a man who continually appeared at his ex-partner’s home in order to intimidate her, including violent threats and damage to her property. The defendant gave an early guilty plea to stalking involving fear of violence.

He was sentenced to 22 and a half months’ imprisonment, and the victim was granted an indefinite restraining order. 

In Poole Magistrates’ Court, a man pleaded guilty to stalking after continually harassing his ex-partner in an attempt to get back together. The man repeatedly attended the victim’s address, as well as contacting her via several social media platforms.

At court he was given a 24-month Community Order, with the requirement to complete a Building Better Relationships programme. He was ordered to pay £699 to the court and a restraining order was issued, to last 18 months.

More information

Follow @CPSWessex on Twitter throughout the week for more information on our work to identify stalking behaviours and to prosecute offenders at the earliest opportunity.

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