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UPDATED with sentence: Hospital electrician pleads guilty to further necrophilia offences

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UPDATED: 7 December 2022 Fuller was sentenced to four years in prison for these offences to run concurrently to his existing life sentence for two murders. 

A hospital electrician has today admitted to further counts of sexual offences against bodies in a mortuary and possessing extreme pornographic images.
David Fuller, 68, worked as an electrician at hospitals in Kent between 1989 and 2020, where he would wait for mortuary staff to finish their shifts and access fridges containing the women’s bodies.
In December 2021, Fuller was convicted and jailed for murdering Wendy Knell and Caroline Piece in 1987. He was also convicted of 51 sexual offences after violating the bodies of at least 78 females in the mortuary.
Today (Thursday 3 November) he has admitted to 16 further counts of necrophilia offending between 2007 and 2020.
Libby Clark of the CPS said: “Fuller’s actions were depraved, disgusting and dehumanising- on a scale that has never been encountered before in legal history.
“It was vital for us to bring these additional charges for the women we could identify, and those we sadly couldn’t, to reflect his offending and bring justice for the families that we can.
“The horrors of this case will no doubt remain with everyone who has worked so tirelessly to bring the case to a close.”

Notes to editors

David Fuller (DOB: 04/09/1954) pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court on Thursday 3 November 2022 to:

  • 12 counts of sexual penetration of a corpse – involving 13 women
  • 4 counts of possessing extreme pornographic images (two of these relate to sexual interference with 10 other women which did not involve penetration)

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