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Just Stop Oil protestors sentenced for invading Lords Cricket Ground


Three Just Stop Oil protestors have been sentenced after invading the Lords Cricket Ground and throwing orange powder across the field of play.

During the first innings of an Ashes test match between England and Australia, Daniel Knorr, 21 and Jacob Bourne 27, hurdled through barriers in the crowd to trespass the cricket field during play.

The pair then revealed their ‘Just Stop Oil’ t-shirts before throwing an orange powder across the cricket ground, delaying play for four minutes whilst staff ensured the grounds and wicket were not damaged.

Judit Murray, 69, attempted to join the pair, but was stopped before getting through the second barrier.

The trio appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court today (24.10.2023) after being found guilty of aggravated trespass at trial last month. Knorr Bourne and Murray were each sentenced to a 12 month community order including 60 hours of unpaid work and were ordered to pay £330 trial costs and £114 victim surcharge.

Emily Watts, from the CPS said: “Daniel Knorr, Jacob Bourne and Judit Murray displayed a clear disregard for the players in the Ashes tournament and spectators from across the world. 

“The rules of this historic cricket ground, including not entering the field of play, not to protest and not to throw objects were plainly displayed across the venue, and the trio clearly intended to disrupt the play taking place on private property. The right to protest is a qualified right which is balanced against the rights of other citizens to go about their daily business. This behaviour amounted to a criminal offence. The CPS will prosecute all cases where our legal test is met.”

Notes to editors

  • Emily Watts is a Senior Crown Prosecutor within the Magistrates’ Court unit in CPS London South 
  • Daniel Knorr [DOB: 21.02.2002] is from Oxford
  • Jacob Bourne [DOB: 28.07.1996] is from Leeds
  • Judit Murray [24.06.1954] is from Surrey

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