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London South

CPS London South is currently maintaining core business functions, while doing all we can to minimise in-person contact.

Please communicate with us by email, telephone and secure digital media wherever possible. Royal Mail and other post delivered to our offices will be checked periodically, but normal mail response times cannot be guaranteed. All hand deliveries must be made by appointment only.

Our main contact number is 020 3357 7000 with options for the various units.

Email addresses

If you are a member of public, you can use the following email addresses without including, which will work only for members of the Criminal Justice Secure Mail system. DO NOT use these addresses to send sensitive information unless via

Digital IDPC:

Crown Court work (including RASSO and Complex Casework):

Magistrates’ Court work:

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is the main prosecuting authority in England and Wales. In our daily operations we work in partnership with all agencies in the criminal justice system. We work especially closely with the police, although we are independent of them.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is the main prosecuting authority in England and Wales. In our daily operations we work in partnership with all agencies in the criminal justice system. We work especially closely with the police, although we are independent of them.

London South mapThe CPS has 14 Areas across England and Wales and CPS London South Area is one of two Areas in the Greater London Area (CPS London North being the other). It covers the London boroughs south of the River Thames and also includes Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster. As well as prosecuting cases investigated by the Metropolitan Police in South London boroughs, the Area also prosecutes cases investigated by City of London Police.

Chief Crown Prosecutor Lionel Idan is the head of CPS London South and is supported by Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor Kris Venkatasami, who has responsibility for magistrates’ court cases, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor David Malone, who has responsibility for the Crown Court Unit, and Lynette Woodrow, who has responsibility for the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RASSO) Unit and a pan-London Complex Casework Unit. Jenny Offord is the Area Business Manager and has responsibility for Business and Operational Delivery functions across the region.

We currently employ approximately 470 members of staff which consists of lawyers, paralegals and administrators. Our teams are based in offices near Victoria. We also have a small number of remote staff based in CPS offices in Cardiff.

The Area is supported by a Business Centre which houses a team of specialists in the fields of performance, finance, human resources, communications and inclusion.

Lionel Idan, Chief Crown Prosecutor

Lionel Idan, Chief Crown Prosecutor

Lionel took up the post of Chief Crown Prosecutor for London South in September 2020 and has overall responsibility for all prosecutions in the Area. He was called to the Bar in 1996 and defended and prosecuted in crime and immigration law until joining the CPS in 2005 as a rape and domestic violence specialist.

In 2007, Lionel was appointed a District Crown Prosecutor in London and in 2009 he was appointed a Senior District Crown Prosecutor with responsibility for one of the six London districts. During this period Lionel was the Strategic lead in London for Domestic Violence and for the Olympics in 2012. Lionel has also acted as a Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor (DCCP) for CPS London and has a passion for championing the rights and justice for victims and witnesses, having previously written and delivered a CPD approved training course on victimless prosecutions.

In 2014, Lionel was recognised in the CPS London Awards for his outstanding contribution to the Area in his role as Legal and Stakeholder Manager. He was also appointed a Disclosure Gateway Reviewer and has conducted disclosure reviews on some of London's most complex and high profile cases.

In 2015, Lionel was appointed as the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS West Midlands and was responsible for successfully rolling out the Transforming Summary Justice programme across the region's magistrates' courts.

Between 2016 and 2018, while overseeing of the Region’s Crown Court Complex Casework and RASSO units, Lionel also led the only national cross-government agency project on Domestic Abuse which developed and successfully implemented the DA Best Practice Framework across the country.

In 2019, Lionel spent time as the Deputy Head of the national Specialist Fraud Division which handles the largest and most complex economic crime cases across the country, before returning to his role in the West Midlands.

David Malone, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor

David took up the appointment of Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor (‘DCCP’) for London South, with specific responsibility for Crown Court cases, in 2021.

David was called to the Bar in 1998 and is a leading barrister with over 20 years’ successful practice at the self-employed Criminal Bar. He served as Head of Chambers before joining one of the leading criminal law sets in the country in 2013. David has provided advice and representation (both for the prosecution and defence) in serious and complex criminal cases. He is a Grade 4 criminal advocate (the highest CPS grade) and is approved to prosecute on the following CPS Specialist Panels: Counter Terrorism; Special Crime Group; Fraud and the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RASSO) List. In addition, he has been appointed to the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) Prosecution List (Panel A), the highest SFO grade.

Immediately prior to taking up his role in London South, David successfully served for two years as Deputy Head of the Specialist Fraud Division (SFD). In doing so, he was the first and only self-employed barrister to be seconded to a CPS Central Casework Division as a Deputy Head of Division. He was also the SFD National Lead for the National Crime Agency and the Metropolitan Police Service. In 2021, he won the Outstanding Leadership and Outstanding Innovation Awards for the SFD.

David has been commended by the General Council of the Bar for his pro bono work in the field of victims’ rights.  
He is the current Chair of the CPS Social Mobility Working Group. In his own time, David volunteers as a School Governor for a state funded secondary school in South London. In the past, he has volunteered at HMP Brixton and for the Centrepoint Homeless Charity in London.

Kris Venkatasami, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor

Kris is the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor with responsibility for all magistrates’ court and domestic abuse prosecutions in London South. He took on the position in June 2017 after having spent three years as DCCP in CPS South East.

Kris has spent much of his career working in London, progressing to become Senior District Crown Prosecutor, responsible for Crown Court and magistrates’ court work across North West London. He then moved to head up the Special Casework Unit in the capital, dealing with a number of high profile cases, including the Lord McAlpine Twitter case.

In 2013, he was appointed a temporary Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor in London, looking after magistrates’ court work, before joining South East.

Lynette Woodrow, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor

Lynette Woodrow is the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor with responsibility for the pan London Complex Casework Unit and Rape and Serious Sexual Offence (RASSO) prosecutions in South London. She joined the CPS 2008 and came to the London CPS in 2014. Before her current position, Lynette had specialised in prosecuting domestic abuse cases and cases and vulnerable victims for most of her career.

In 2016 she was promoted temporarily to Senior District Crown Prosecutor on the Magistrates’ Court team for advocacy and was the London lead for domestic abuse advocacy. Lynette became the DCCP for RASSO and CCU in 2018 and is the national CPS lead for modern slavery.

Jennifer Offord, Area Business Manager

Jennifer joined the CPS in 2006 as a witness care officer, progressing to manage the witness care unit. Since then, she has worked in a variety of roles, including Paralegal Business Manager and as a project manager in our Headquarters team, responsible for a series of national projects.

She became the Business Manager for the Operations Directorate and Private Office, before taking up the post of Area Business Manager (ABM) for CPS South East in February 2017. She joined CPS London South as ABM in June 2020. She has overall responsibility for the Operational Delivery and Business Operations for the Area.

Our Magistrates’ Court Unit prosecutes offences of domestic abuse, assaults, criminal damage, minor public disorder incidents, all but the most serious traffic offences, possession of drugs, dangerous dog offences, offences of dishonesty and commercial burglaries. The list is not exhaustive but generally comprises of any offence where the maximum permitted sentence for each offence does not exceed six months' imprisonment or one year if two or more relevant offences are to be considered.

The Crown Court Unit deals with cases such as attempted murder, robberies, serious assaults, dwelling house burglaries, complex fraud and the supply and trafficking of drugs.

The unit deals with the most complex criminal cases in North and South London. Made up of highly experienced and skilled lawyers and paralegal officers, the team has in the last year gained the first successful prosecution for female genital mutilation and also the first two unregistered school prosecutions. The unit works closely with the police in London (Metropolitan and City of London) to tackle serious and organised crime, including trafficking, large scale drugs importation and distribution, and money laundering.

The RASSO Unit is a dedicated and specialised team which prosecutes cases such as rape, serious sexual offences, child abuse, child sexual exploitation and so-called 'honour based' violence. The staff on the unit all have a great deal of understanding of the sensitivities of prosecuting cases of this nature and how difficult and harrowing it can be for a victim from the first step of making a complaint to the police, through to giving evidence in a trial.

Working with you

CPS London South continues to engage with the diverse communities that we serve in order to ensure that we make this region a safer place to live, work and visit.

We acknowledge that public trust is measured against our ability to work with members of our local communities in key areas. To this end we have two community panels that work on a pan-London basis – one that focusses specifically on Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and one that has a wider remit and will for instance look at cases involving hate crime.

Our aim is to inform, listen, work with and in turn, be informed by those living and working across south London.

Victims and witnesses

We are committed to dealing with Victims and Witnesses with respect. We understand being a victim and or witness of crime can be difficult and are sensitive to how vulnerable some may feel due to their experiences.

We will ensure that they are dealt with in a professional and courteous manner. We will listen to their needs and support them through the process so that they can give their best evidence at court.

This CPS Area is committed to ensuring that we are renowned for our professionalism, and that we are delivering justice to all members of our communities.

We want communities to continue to have confidence in their local justice system, to believe their interests are fairly represented and justice is seen to be done.

Victims' Right to Review

The VRR scheme makes it easier for victims to seek a review of a CPS decision not to bring charges or to terminate proceedings.

If you are a victim seeking to exercise your right to request a review of a CPS decision not to bring charges, discontinue proceedings or offer no evidence in a case please read more about the Victims' Right to Review.

London South contact point for Victims' Right to Review enquiries:


Telephone: 020 3357 7000

Please note that the scheme applies only in relation to qualifying decisions made on or after 5 June 2013.

Contact us

Head office
102 Petty France, 3rd Floor, Zone A, London, SW1H 9EA.
DX 161330 Westminster 11
Tel: 020 3357 7000

Contact Information for the defence

Please use the email addresses below or for Digital IDPC please email:

You can also request IDPC for overnight cases by telephoning 020 3357 7000 after 9.30am on the day of the hearing.

Crown Court work
(including RASSO and Complex Casework Unit)

102 Petty France, 2nd Floor, Zone B, London, SW1H 9EA
DX 161330 Westminster 11
Email: General Crown Court enquiries:

Magistrates’ Court work
102 Petty France, 2nd Floor, Zone A, London, SW1H 9EA
DX 161330 Westminster 11
Email: General magistrates' enquiries:
Email: Traffic enquiries:

Please note that these email addresses are not accessible to the public - they are secure addresses for use in the criminal justice system.

If you do not have a account you may use the following addresses, but please be aware that these may not be secure and should therefore not be used for sending sensitive case material:

Crown Court work
Email: General Crown Court enquiries:

Magistrates’ Court work
Email: General magistrates' enquiries:
Email: Traffic enquiries:

News Centre

For local and regional media enquiries please contact:

Christian Taylor
Telephone: 020 7147 7937

Nazia Dewji
Telephone: 020 3357 1994

Via email to:

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