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Man jailed for murdering his ex-girlfriend

|News, Violent crime

Dennis Akpomedaye, 30, was found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend in 2022. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 29 years at Kingston Crown Court today.

In early 2021, the victim, Anna (known to her family and friends as Ania) Jedrkowiak, met Dennis Akpomedaye and they began a relationship. After months, Anna tried to end the relationship. However, Akpomedaye did not take this well and told her that he would commit suicide. She was very concerned about his threats to take his life and she contacted Police who carried out welfare checks on him.

On the night of 17 May 2022, Anna left her workplace in Ealing with a friend, unaware that they were being followed by Akpomedaye. Whilst they were walking to the victim’s home, she was grabbed by Akpomedaye, who was wearing a balaclava, from behind. Holding a knife, Akpomedaye stabbed her. Anna died at the scene due to the severity of her injuries.

The Police investigation revealed that Akpomedaye had travelled to London from his home in Wales the day before he killed her. On arrival, he went directly to her place of work, but she was not there. CCTV revealed that he was walking back and forth in front of the restaurant with his hood up and face covered by a scarf. On the day of and in the build up to the killing, Akpomedaye changed his clothing and purchased the knife used to fatally wound Anna, from a local shop.

CCTV footage revealed that when Anna and her friend left their place of work, Akpomedaye was following behind them on the opposite pavement, with his hood up, wearing a mask.

Akpomedaye held her from the back and stabbed her multiple times. The Police later recovered the knife in the park. Forensic examination of the knife revealed bloodstains of the defendant and Anna. Akpomedaye had also caused himself injury to his hand, which bled and left a trail from which his DNA was recovered.

Akpomedaye was arrested at the Victoria Coach Station where he had booked a coach to Newport. He answered no questions in his police interview, subsequently denying his guilt which resulted in a trial at the end of which he was convicted.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Angela Moriarty, of CPS London Homicide Unit, said: “This was a ferocious attack on Ania , who was making her way home with her friend, Jack Maskell. The level of violence used was horrific.

“Despite overwhelming evidence gathered by the Police Team, Akpomedaye did not admit guilt. The victim’s family had to endure a trial which Akpomedaye did not attend, refusing to leave his Prison cell. The trial proceeded in his absence. Jack has, understandably, been greatly affected by the murder and what he witnessed.

“Our thoughts are very much with the victim’s family and friends. The sentence imposed today will not alleviate their grief and suffering, but I do hope that they find some small measure of comfort from it.”

Violence against women and girls has no place in our society. The CPS are determined to bring perpetrators of these devastating crimes to justice.

Notes to editors

  • Dennis Akpomedaye (D.O.B. 18.08.1992) has no previous conviction
  • Angela Moriarty is a Senior Crown Prosecutor within the London Homicide unit in CPS London North.

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