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Man jailed for murder after series of attacks in Brixton

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A man who murdered a woman in broad daylight and slashed the faces of three other victims in a series of random attacks in Brixton, has been jailed.

Mohamed Nur, 34, pleaded guilty to murdering Johanita Dogbey, possession of an offensive weapon, and possession of a bladed article, and was later convicted of three counts of unlawful wounding after a trial that concluded earlier this month.

On Saturday 29 April 2023, Mohamed Nur was walking along Brixton Road when he attacked three people within five minutes of each other, between 11:25pm and 11:30pm.

Each person he attacked was a complete stranger to him and they had done absolutely nothing to provoke him – he slashed each of them on the right side of their face, without any kind of warning or reason, leaving each victim needing treatment for significant facial injuries.

A couple of days later, on 1 May 2023, Johanita Dogbey was returning from an Oxford Street shopping trip in the late afternoon, when Mohamed Nur fatally attacked her.

Ms. Dogbey was walking towards Stockwell Park Walk when she passed Nur in the street. He started to follow Ms. Dogbey and using a makeshift weapon that had been concealed in his clothing, Nur approached her from behind and repeatedly stabbed her in the neck before running away.

Tragically, the emergency services were unable to save Ms. Dogbey and she died from her catastrophic injuries.

In the early hours of 2 May 2023, approximately nine hours after the murder and also in very close proximity to where the first of the three unlawful woundings took place, Nur was stopped by Police where he was found with a piece of glass with a sharpened edge on his person. This led to his arrest.

Mohamed Nur was sentenced to life imprisonment today (23 May 2024) and will serve a minimum of 32 years in prison.

Richard Murrison, Senior Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “Mohamed Nur’s attacks were sudden, violent and without warning, leaving his victims with no chance of defending themselves or avoiding the attacks.

“Throughout the police investigation and prosecution, Nur did not give any explanation or demonstrate any remorse for his victims, but we hope that today’s sentence will at least bring a sense of justice to the victims and Johanita Dogbey’s family, who have suffered unthinkable trauma and loss.”

Notes to editors

  • Mohamed Nur DOB 26/5/1989, is of no fixed abode
  • Richard Murrison is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in the Crown Prosecution Service London Homicide Team

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