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October's coronavirus review findings


The findings of the CPS review for completed prosecutions in October under the Coronavirus Act and Health Protection Regulations are detailed in the table below.

Number of cases finalised (October)Number incorrectly charged
Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations: 91 casesWithdrawn9
Returned to Court1
Coronavirus Act: 31 casesWithdrawn27

Returned to Court


Of the cases reviewed, all but three were charged by the police. In total, 86 per cent of the Regulations offences were charged in April and May, while 90 per cent of Act cases were charged in March or April. Both sets of charges were mostly brought alongside other substantive offences. 

Gregor McGill, CPS Director of Legal Services, said: “We remain committed to reviewing all of these cases for as long as necessary to ensure the right people are charged with the right offences.”

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