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New DPP outlines plans to build confidence in the CPS


The new Director of Public Prosecutions, Max Hill, has today (13 November) outlined his plans to build public confidence and trust in the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Speaking at the Kalisher Lecture - his first public address since taking up post on 1 November - he outlined his priorities for the CPS at the commencement of his term.

He also explained why helping people understand more about the role of CPS and how we work within the wider criminal justice system is key.

Max Hill said: “Confidence in anything requires understanding - I am not convinced people have a clear understanding of what the CPS does and therefore how we reach our decisions. Tackling this is high on my list.

“I am however under no illusions that public confidence is also based on trust that our work is of the highest quality. There have been some big challenges because of disclosure issues.

“I want to make sure the focus and momentum of our work to drive improvements is maintained over the coming years and hope public confidence will grow as a result.

“Throughout my time at the Bar - both prosecuting and defending - I saw first-hand the high quality work of the CPS. And my view has not changed at closer quarters. I have been hugely impressed by what I have seen, and the people I have met, so far.

“I’m confident we have the talent and commitment within the criminal justice system to overcome the challenges we face.”

Notes to editors

  • Read Max Hill's speech in full
  • The Kalisher Trust helps young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to develop their advocacy skills with the aim of enabling them to develop careers in the criminal law.

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