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CPS Says: Stalking offences under coronavirus lockdown


There has been some discussion about how stalking cases are investigated and prosecuted during the current lockdown. The CPS would like to clarify our approach.

We share the concern that victims of stalking must feel supported during lockdown. CPS takes stalking extremely seriously, and we remain determined to bring perpetrators to justice and provide victims with the greatest possible protection from repeat offending to help them feel safe.

Stalking and domestic abuse continue to be treated as a high priority offences under the interim CPS and NPCC coronavirus charging protocol. We have delivered virtual training to the Stalking Helpline to help support their work at this time.

In recent years, CPS has developed a joint protocol with police which improved how we deal with stalking offences. Prosecutors completed mandatory training on stalking last year, and CPS stalking leads regularly engage with their police counterparts.

Across the organisation we are working closely with our police colleagues and specialist support organisations to ensure that victims are supported at this time and that these deplorable crimes continue to be brought to justice.

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