The CPS pay award


There has been some media coverage and social media comment about the CPS pay award.

Here are the facts:

  • The average award under this package is around 5.5 per cent over two years – very much in line with other public sector arrangements.
  • The largest percentage increases go to members of staff who are lower on their salary range, making pay fairer for all.
  • It is crucial that the CPS stays ahead of the changing pattern of crime and can work more flexibly, effectively and efficiently. This package enables essential reform to how CPS deploys its 6,000 highly trained staff, introduces an extended business day and brings important changes in the responsibilities of key prosecutor roles.
  • The CPS has faced a prolonged and substantial challenge to adapt to a 30 per cent reduction in staff - but has managed to maintain its performance against every key measure.

We are also at the moment carrying out a review of the Graduated Fees Scheme for external advocates this year. This review will be a thorough, considered process and we will be consulting with the profession over the coming months. Getting this right is a priority. It is essential that the CPS and the external bar continue to work closely together, and we are committed to doing so.

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