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Nurse jailed for sexually assaulting 85-year-old woman

|News, Sexual offences

A nurse who sexually assaulted an 85-year-old woman in her home has been jailed for four-and-a-half years.

Steven Hicks custody image
Custody photo of Steven Hicks

Steven Hicks, 60, was one of the healthcare professionals who had been providing care to a woman after she was released from hospital following a fall.

On 5 January 2022, wearing medical clothing and disguised with a surgical mask and thick-rimmed glasses, he made an unscheduled evening visit to the woman’s home in Earley, where he sexually assaulted her. 

Hicks denied the assault, but a jury found him guilty after the Crown Prosecution Service presented forensic and phone evidence linking him to the offence. 

Hicks’ DNA was found to match that found on the woman’s body and clothing, and phone location data disputed his claim he was at home that night, indicating he was more likely to have been near the woman’s address. 

This evidence was supported by a detailed account from the victim about what happened to her, and footage from her video doorbell confirming someone had come to her home that evening.

Hicks had accessed the woman’s clinical records several times while she was receiving out-of-hospital care, often when he was on annual leave and had no reason to check them. The woman had cancelled any further evening care on 4 January; however, Hicks visited her the next evening having checked her records again that day.

Crown Prosecution Service lawyer Shilpa Shah said: “This was a shocking crime carried out by someone in a trusted profession. Steven Hicks knew the victim was vulnerable and that no other carers were due to visit her that evening, and he used his position to gain access to her home to assault her, in her own bedroom. 

“Hicks denied the charges against him, but we were able to present evidence to the court clearly linking him to the assault. His DNA matched that found on the victim and her clothing, and his phone data placed him near her home at the time of the offence. He will now spend time in prison for his crime.”

Notes to editors

  • Steven Hicks (DOB: 10/12/63) from Woodley, Berkshire, was convicted of one count of sexual assault at Reading Crown Court on 19 January 2024. He was sentenced today (25 January) to four-and-a-half years in prison at the same court. 
  • Shilpa Shah is a senior crown prosecutor with CPS Thames and Chiltern which covers Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

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