Anthony Walker Foundation Scholar testimonials

The Anthony Walker Foundation was established in 2006 after the racially motivated murder of Anthony Walker in Huyton, just outside of Liverpool. Anthony’s family and friends did not want his murder to be another statistic and wanted his name to live on with a positive, lasting legacy. 

The Anthony Walker Foundation works to tackle racism, hate crime and discrimination by providing educational opportunities, victim support services and by promoting equity and inclusion for all.

As part of this, undergraduate and postgraduate bursary schemes have been set up in a partnership between the CPS, Anthony Walker Foundation and The National Black Crown Prosecution Association (NBCPA).

Hear from recent Anthony Walker Foundation Scholars about why they applied and the benefits the scheme has brought.

picture of Dowa

Dowa, Anthony Walker Foundation scholar

Dowa, Anthony Walker Foundation scholar


Hi everyone! My name is Dowa, I’m an Anthony Walker Bursary Scholar currently studying the Bar Training Course.

 I applied for the Anthony Walker Bursary Scheme during the final year of my LLB Law degree at the University of Salford - I found out about the scholarship following my one week work experience with the Crown Prosecution Service, where I was invited to attend the launch event for the scheme and instantly wanted to apply.

 Application process

The application process was straightforward: you must first send a CV and statement of suitability of up to 500 words.

 Once successful at the first stage, applicants must then undertake a video interview, which consists of three questions, with five minutes to consider each question and a maximum of two minutes recording time to answer.

 The final stage is an interview which consists of a presentation delivered to a panel. A research topic is emailed five days before the interview to begin the research. During the beginning of the interview you are provided with a question and 30 minutes to prepare. The presentation then lasts up to eight minutes and is followed by an interview incorporating questions which look for answers that illustrate the behaviors and strengths that the CPS expects from employees, which lasts up to an hour.


Since being successful and earning the scholarship, I have received immense support from the Crown Prosecution Service.

 The benefits of the scheme include a payment of up to 50% of your tuition fees; a local mentor who will continuously provide as much support as possible throughout the course; application advice and guidance regarding the Legal Trainee Schemes; work experience with the CPS and development sessions.  There are fortnightly workshops and many more opportunities to get involved with the CPS, including an opportunity to join the Local Scrutiny Involvement Panel and review previous cases.

 The Anthony Walker Bursary Scheme is also a great way to network! I have now met many staff at the CPS, varying from crown prosecutors to crown advocates. I am now coming towards the end of my Bar Training Course and am very grateful for all the support I’ve been provided with throughout, and encourage all those who can to apply!


My experience

As a recipient of the Anthony Walker Bursary Scheme, I cannot speak highly enough of the opportunity that the CPS has afforded me. I felt supported and motivated from the beginning of the application process to seek a profession in the Criminal Justice System.

The assistance I have had during my education has been tremendous. My CPS mentor has been an invaluable resource, providing assistance and advice whenever it was required. The digital tutorials on the Criminal Justice System, the Crown Prosecution Service, and other relevant legal issues have been incredibly beneficial in preparing me for my future job.

 Lastly, the scheme's financial assistance has been a tremendous aid in lessening the financial strain on my education. The fact that fifty percent of my tuition fees are covered has helped me to concentrate on academic leaning without worrying about the financial pressure it may cause.

Overall, I would recommend the Anthony Walker Bursary Scheme to anyone interested in pursuing a career within the Criminal Justice System. The opportunities provided are absolutely excellent and have enabled me to succeed in my chosen field.


picture of Loredana

Loredana , Anthony Walker Foundation scholar

Loredana , Anthony Walker Foundation scholar