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Witness Expenses and Allowances Annex 4: Expert Witnesses



This page (previously Leaflet NFR EFC 1C)  gives the current rates of allowances payable by the Crown Prosecution Service to expert witnesses for travel and subsistence.

Travel and subsistence costs, in accordance with the rates below, should be included on your invoice for fees.

Subsistence Allowances

Overnight allowance

Where it is necessary to stay overnight a fixed allowance is paid towards the cost of meals and accommodation. The allowance is:

  • Attendance overnight in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle upon Tyne city centres - £85.25
  • Attendance overnight elsewhere - £55.25

Travel expenses

Public transport

Bus, coach, tram and tube fares will be reimbursed in full. Rail travel will be reimbursed at standard class unless it was necessary to undertake preparation for court on the train when first class may be paid.

Motor car

If you use your own motor car, you will be paid 25p for each mile. Exceptionally, if you can show that you had to use your own car instead of public transport (for example, because there was no public transport, or there was a considerable saving of time and money, or because you are disabled or infirm), then a higher rate of 45p per mile may be paid. You will need to justify using your own motor car to be eligible for the higher rate.


Similar rules apply if you use your own motorcycle. The rate per mile that will be paid is 23.8p. Exceptionally the higher rate of 25.4p per mile may also be paid if you can show it was necessary to use your own vehicle instead of public transport.

Car parking

Car parking charges will normally be paid if it was necessary to use your own motor vehicle.

Congestion Charge

Congestion Charges will normally be reimbursed in full.


The cost of taxi fares or other hired vehicles (including any reasonable tips) will only be paid in cases of emergency, illness, infirmity or where no other reasonable means of transport was available.

Other transport

If you intend to use some other form of transport (e.g. aeroplane or ship), you are advised to consult the CPS instructing office for advice as to whether the cost will be allowed. The cost of travel by air or sea will be reimbursed at economy class fare only.

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