Minutes of the CPS Board meeting on 25 June 2013



Keir Starmer (Chair)
Peter Lewis
Jim Brisbane
Derek Manuel
Paul Staff
Jeremy Newman
Alison Porter
Alan Jenkins


Jack Newby
Nick Hunt
Simon Jeal


Veena King
Tamara Moore

Item 1: Note of Last Meeting and Matters Arising

1. The note of the last meeting held on 20 May was agreed.

Item 2: Director's Update

2. The Director provided an update on the following:

  1. Positive media coverage of the Victims' Right to Review
  2. Social media
  3. Justice committee appearance
  4. Recent high profile cases.

Item 3: South East Area Interim Report

3. Jim Brisbane provided an update on the SE Area Q4 overall performance.

Item 4: People Strategy Update

4. The Chief Operating officer presented a People Strategy update.

Item 5: CQS Monitoring

5. The Chief Operating Officer presented a paper on Core Quality Standards Monitoring.

Item 6: Police Performance

6. The Chief Operating Officer presented a paper on current expectations around efficiency and accountability.

Item 7: Departmental Improvement Plan

7. A paper was presented on the CPS requirement to provide central government with a Departmental Improvement Plan (DIP) during this financial year.

Item 8: Business Plan

8. Jack Newby presented the latest draft of the CPS Business Plan for 2013/14.

Item 9: Cyber Crime

9. The CPS Board requested a paper on the implications for the CPS of the increase in cybercrime.

Item 10: Interim People Survey Results

10. A detailed look at the interim People Survey results findings was presented by Mark Summerfield.

Item 11: Refocusing Programme

11. Simon Jeal updated the Board on progress in terms of the Refocusing Programme.

Item 12: AOB


Board Directorate
Next meeting 24 September 2013