Minutes of the CPS Board meeting on 24 February 2016



Alison Saunders (Chair)
Peter Lewis
Paul Staff
Jean Ashton
Gregor McGill
Alan Jenkins
Derek Manuel
Jeremy Newman
Alison Porter


Sue Owen - Item 2
Paul Carswell - Item 2
Helen Starkey - Item 2
Andy Read - Item 2
Jack Newby - Item 4
Dave Cass - Item 5




Rachel Gough


Item 1: Minutes and Actions of Last Meeting

1. The minutes of the last meeting held on 25 November 2015 were agreed. Progress was noted against the three actions arising.

Item 2: Diversity & Inclusion

2. Sue Owen, Civil Service Diversity Champion attended the Board to discuss "Removing Barriers" - a two year programme to implement actions arising from the Talent Action Plan Refresh. A wide range of activity was underway across the Civil Service to address the barriers that prevented some individuals from reaching their potential. Initial focus would be on priority groups under-represented at senior level.

3. It was noted that the CPS had strong workforce representation across all groups, in particular BME. Well-resourced staff networks were also in place across the Service. There were, however, some specific functions within the organisation that were less diverse and further analysis would be undertaken to establish the reasons for this. Action would also be taken in response to the results of the 2015 People Survey to investigate any diversity and inclusion related issues identified.

4. The CPS' proposed programme of work to drive forward diversity and inclusion was considered to be a comprehensive response to Removing Barriers.

5. It was recognised that diversity and inclusion were part of the organisation's strengths and gave us credibility as a public prosecution service.

Item 3: Strategic Update

6. The Director updated the Board on the following matters:

  • Appointment of Nick Folland as the next CPS Chief Executive.
  • A series of events taking place across the organisation to seek staff views on the future priorities for CPS and how our service would be delivered. This was the first of a rolling programme of face-to-face meetings.
  • Inter jurisdictional summit on trafficking and slavery.
  • NAO reports shortly due to be issued: Efficiency in the Criminal Justice System (CJS); and Confiscation Orders.

7. The Chief Executive advised the Board on latest developments in relation to the Criminal Justice Service (CJS) Common Platform Programme and the CJS Efficiency Programme.

8. It was suggested that papers to the recent CPS Technology Strategy Board be shared with CPS Board members. These would provide a useful indication of the organisation's progress on digitalisation and future aspirations. [ACTION F1]

Item 4: Q3 Corporate Performance

9. Corporate performance for Quarter 3 2015-16 was reviewed.

10. The Board was advised of the CPS' current financial position based on the latest available forecast.

11. A summary of performance against measures contained in the business plan was provided. The following points were discussed and agreed:

  • The revised format of the corporate performance report.
  • The value of exploring a new learning measure for 2016-17. It would be useful to liaise with other agencies and departments to compare their approach.
  • Further information on the progress of the Transforming Summary Justice (TSJ) programme to be provided at a future meeting of the CPS Board. [ACTION F2]
  • Current magistrates' court measure to be retained.
  • Timings for the consideration and publication of the Business Plan 2016-17.
  • Contingency arrangements for considering the draft Business Plan out of committee in between Board meetings.

12. In relation to the digital measure, it was noted that a digital scorecard was being developed for use by the Technology Strategy Board. This could inform a view of what information would be a good indicator of digital performance.

13. It was suggested that Operations Directorate colleagues would be in a position to provide advice on additional information for the proceeds of crime measure.

Item 5: Q3 Area Performance

Highlights from the report on Quarter 3 Area performance were provided. The Board noted performance trends, comparative performance and national performance for the quarter.

15. This was a strong quarter for the organisation, with 10 out of 13 Areas showing improved performance.

16. It was agreed that the CCP and ABM(s) for CPS London be invited to the next Board meeting in March for a follow up discussion on the Area's performance. [ACTION F3].

17. CPS Eastern should attend the following Board meeting in May [ACTION F4].

18. In recognition of performance improvements made, the Board requested that CPS South East be invited to attend the May meeting to discuss their achievements. [ACTION F5].

Item 6: AOB

19. The response to the CPS Area Structure Review outcome was discussed.

Board Secretariat
Date of next meeting: 30 March 2016