Minutes of the CPS Board meeting on 21 November 2012



Keir Starmer (Chair)
Peter Lewis
Alan Jenkins
Paul Staff
Mike Kennedy
Derek Manuel


Roger Coe-Salazar
Julie Heron




Simon Jeal
Rachel Gough

Item 1: Note of Last Meeting and Matters Arising

1. The note of the last meeting was agreed.

Item 2: Director's update

2. The Director provided an update on the following:

  1. International Association of Prosecutors Conference
  2. CPS Visits
  3. Police and Crime Commissioners
  4. Home Affairs Select Committee
  5. Social Media Guidelines
  6. Senior Managers Conference
  7. Chief Operating Officer Post
  8. Non-executive Directors
  9. Jimmy Savile

3. The Chief Executive updated the Board on the CJS environment and the anticipated CJS Reform work.

Item 3: Refocusing the CPS

4. Simon Jeal updated the Board on current progress following on from the Senior Management Conference

Item 4: Board Assurance Report

5. Veena King presented the November Assurance Report.

Item 5: People Survey Results - Update

6. Mark Summerfield presented a verbal update on the survey highlight report for CPS.

Item 6: Area Performance Review: Q2

7. Adrian Foster presented the Area performance report for Q2 2012/13.

Item 7: Thames and Chiltern Q2 Performance Report

8. Baljit Ubhey (CCP) and Karen Sawitzki (ABM) attended the Board to discuss their performance report.

Item 8: A.O.B

9. The Board noted their thanks and appreciation to Mike Kennedy for his contribution to the organisation. He will be leaving the CPS in December after a distinguished career, latterly as the CPS' first Chief Operating Officer.

Strategy and Policy Directorate
Date of next meeting 19 December 2012