Minutes - CPS Audit and Risk Committee Meeting 22 October 2013



Jeremy Newman (C) - Non-executive Board Director
Alan Jenkins - Non-executive Board Director
Caroline Johnstone - Non-executive Member
Richard Szadziewski - Non-executive Member


Paul Staff - Director of Finance
Joe Mohan - Head of Internal Audit
Mark Lindley - Operations Directorate
James Edmands - National Audit Office
Asker Husain - Deputy Chief Inspector, HMCPSI
Tim Watkinson - MOJ Internal Audit


Michael Fuller - Chief Inspector, HMCPSI
Sajid Rafiq - National Audit Office


Rachel Gough - Strategy & Policy Directorate
Veena King - Strategy & Policy Directorate

Item 1: Minutes of Last Meeting & Actions Arising

1. The minutes of the last meeting on 18 June 2013 were agreed. Progress was noted against the outstanding actions not covered by the main agenda:

Item 2: Audit Merger with MOJ & Future Planning Arrangements

2. Tim Watkinson, MOJ Head of Internal Audit attended the meeting to discuss the transfer of CPS Internal Audit into an MOJ group function.

Item 3: Gifts & Hospitality Registers

3. The Board presented a draft version of the CPS Action Plan, based on the findings of the Capability Review, to the members of the Capability Review Team. The Review Team members provided their initial thoughts on the plan and praised the CPS for so readily acknowledging the findings of the report and devising an action plan so swiftly.

3. Paul Staff presented the six monthly update on the content of CPS gift and hospitality registers.

4. The Committee advised that the registers should be amended to include bandings for approximate monetary value of gifts/hospitality.

Item 4: Highlight Report of CPS Progress against HMCPSI Recommendations

5. Asker Husain noted his observations on the October highlight report, including Custody Time Limits, Core Quality Standards Monitoring, Disability Hate Crime and digitisation of the CPS. The Committee discussed and noted his comments.

Item 5: Assurance Framework

6. A verbal update was provided under the item 1 action update.

Item 6: Risk Update)

7. Paul Staff presented the update on CPS approach to risk.

8. The Committee noted the good progress made in the last year and confirmed that it was content with the CPS approach to risk management.

Item 7: Review of Corporate Risk 5

9. Risk 5: Failure to respond effectively to further changes to our spending profile by HM Treasury over the next three years.

10. Paul Staff invited the Committee to consider the assessment of risk in this area.

Item 8: Internal Audit Plan & Status Report

11. Joe Mohan set out the key items of focus for internal audit this period.

Item 9: NAO Proposed Strategy for 2013-14

12. The Committee confirmed it was content with the proposed approach for the 2013-14 CPS financial statement audit.

Item 10: Whistleblowing

13. The Committee reviewed the 2012-2013 Annual Assurance Report on CPS Whistleblowing Policy.

14. Members were asked to consider data provided on the CPS Code of Conduct and provide comments out of committee.


15. The Committee was informed of the following:

  • An addendum made to the 2011-12 Annual Report and Accounts.
  • An update on whistleblowing would be provided to the November CPS Board by the Non-executive Whistleblowing champion.

October 2013