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Serial burglar sentenced for catalogue of sexual offences

|News, Sexual offences

A prolific collector of child pornography, who also spied on women in toilets and stole knickers from student housing, has been sentenced at Durham Crown Court today. 

David Ian Wales, 45, of Sherburn Road, Durham was sentenced for a series of burglaries across Durham, in addition to numerous sexual offences relating to material found on devices that were seized by police during a raid at his home.

A forensic search of digital devices belonging to Wales revealed over 11,000 images and videos, of which more than 500 were found to be in the most serious category. Alongside these images, police also found footage of Wales setting up a camera in various toilets to catch unsuspecting women on film. Wales was also sentenced for a string of burglaries in which he stole valuable items from student properties across Durham. Alongside items such as iPads and mobile phones, he also stole numerous sets of women’s underwear from his victims. 

Wales pleaded guilty to all charges against him during earlier hearings and was sentenced today to a total of 34 months’ imprisonment. 

Oriana Frame of CPS North East said: “David Wales was a prolific collector of indecent imagery featuring children. Some of the material recovered by police was incredibly extreme, showing distressed or drugged children. His own voyeuristic attempts to film women in states of undress and his theft of women’s underwear are also indicative of a disturbing range of sexual interests. 

“The Crown Prosecution Service has worked closely with Durham Police to build a robust case against David Wales, leaving him little alternative but to plead guilty to the significant list of charges against him. We sincerely hope that the sentencing of Wales today provides some measure of comfort to his victims.”

Notes to editors

Oriana Frame is a Senior Crown Prosecutor with CPS North East’s Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RASSO) Unit. 

David Ian Wales (DOB 6/1/78) was sentenced as follows:

  • Burglary. 28 mths IMP
  • Burglary. 28 mths IMP (concurrent)
  • Burglary. 28 mths IMP (concurrent)
  • Burglary 28 mths IMP (concurrent)
  • Voyeurism. 4 mths IMP (concurrent)
  • Voyeurism. 4 mths IMP (concurrent)
  • Attempted voyeurism. 4 mths IMP (concurrent)
  • Attempted voyeurism. 4 mths IMP (concurrent)
  • Making indecent photos of a child. 6 mths IMP (consecutive)
  • Making indecent photos of children. 6 mths IMP (concurrent)
  • Making indecent photos of children. 6 mths IMP (concurrent)
  • Possessing extreme pornographic image. 6 mths IMP (concurrent)

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