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Barrister jailed for asking clients to supply Class A and C drugs

|News, Drug offences

A barrister who encouraged his clients to supply Class A and C drugs has been jailed.

Henry Hendron, 42, pleaded guilty of intentionally encouraging or assisting the supply of controlled drugs from his clients. He was sentenced to a 14-month term of imprisonment at Woolwich Crown Court today.

In May 2022, Hendron, who had represented two men over drug offences, was arrested outside Belmarsh prison while visiting his client. He was then charged on 28 July 2022.

He previously admitted two counts of intentionally encouraging or assisting the supply of Class A drugs, one similar charge involving Class C drugs, and possession of a Class A drug in March 2023.

Messages on Hendron’s mobile phone revealed that he had asked two of his clients to supply methamphetamine and gamma-butryolactone.

Kate Mulholland, the Specialist Prosecutor from CPS London’s Complex Case Unit said: “Hendron was a practising barrister at the time of these offences and bought drugs from clients he represented over drug allegations. His acts were unethical and illegal.

“Drug-related crimes have truly devastating effects on the community, and the Crown Prosecution Service is committed to prosecuting all such cases where our evidential test is met.”

Notes to editors

  • Henry Hendron (D.O.B: 28/12/1980) has previous convictions
  • Kate Mulholland is the Specialist Prosecutor for the CPS London’s Complex Case Unit.

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