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Convicted murderer jailed again for sexual assault

|News, Sexual offences

A convicted murderer and rapist has been jailed for a further four years after sexually assaulting another woman while out on life licence.

Ron Evans, 82, targeted the woman after befriending her at a local community centre he had been volunteering at in Wembley, north-west London.

He was sentenced to four years' imprisonment following a hearing at the Old Bailey today. The judge also ordered the victim receive compensation.  

Evans invited the woman to his flat in July 2022 and boasted about getting emails with nude pictures from women wanting to have sex with him. Evans then grabbed at his victim’s bottom.

When the victim phoned Evans the following day to confront him about his inappropriate behaviour, he had said “this kind of talk will get me in trouble," before hanging the phone up on her.

Evans had been released from prison in November 2018 and moved to Wembley a year later. He had previously been convicted of murdering 21-year-old shopworker Kathleen Heathcote in 1963 and a series of sexual attacks in Bristol during the 1970s.

Police arrested Evans in August 2022 after the victim came forward and reported the incident. A search of his home found condoms, a vibrator and lubricant inside his bedside drawer.

Pragati Patel, from the CPS, said: “Ron Evans presented himself as a harmless pensioner volunteering in his local community. But in reality, and despite his age, he was still very much a deviant sexual predator waiting for his next opportunity. 

“The prosecution case included strong witness testimony and we were also able to tell the jury about some of Evans’ previous predatory behaviour towards women through bad character evidence made admissible in court.

“Sexual offences are some of the most harrowing cases that we prosecute. The CPS is committed to working with the police to bring sexual offenders before the courts. I hope this conviction and sentence provides some sense of comfort and justice to all those affected by this case.”


Notes to editors

  • Ron Evans' DOB: 24/12/1940
  • Evans was found not guilty of two counts of sexual assault in relation to another complainant.
  • Pragati Patel is a Senior Crown Prosecutor within the Crown Court unit in CPS London North.

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