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Custody Time Limit Calculator and Ready Reckoner

Updated 01 October 2021|Legal Guidance

The law limits the amount of time a person charged with a criminal offence can be kept in custody before the case is dealt with at court. This period (there are four different time limits depending on the type of offence and which court is dealing with the case) are called custody time limits. These limits must be strictly observed and can be extended by the court only in exceptional circumstances.

To assist prosecution staff to correctly calculate these limits, which may be suspended if a person is bailed from custody by the court before trial, a calculator has been developed to determine the correct expiry date. These calculations can be exceedingly complex depending on the circumstances. For example, in a case involving several accused persons with different time limits running at the same time, the calculator enables prosecutors to accurately calculate all expiry dates with confidence. It also ensures that defendants do not remain in custody longer than they should and assists the court in fixing the earliest possible trial date.

CTL Calculator and Ready Reckoner - this can be accessed on all modern web browsers, including mobile phones.

Video describing how to use the Calculator and key Counsel responsibilities for prosecuting cases with custody time limits:

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