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Prolific stalker pleads guilty to all charges

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A serial stalker from Nottinghamshire has pleaded guilty to all charges against him.

Scott Walters ruthlessly harassed his victims for over two years, bombarding social media with posts about them, whilst sending a barrage of malicious messages and emails.

Walters’ offences began when he started to stalk a work colleague in 2019. Beginning with an inappropriate action towards this colleague, after being reported, Scott Walters became infatuated with the victim and delusionally convinced himself that they were in a relationship. He then moved on to stalking her, posting countless often cryptic and sexual, posts about the victim on social media.

After he was warned to stop the harassment by the police officer in charge of the case, he turned his attention to the officer, filing a number of complaints and commencing a targeted campaign against the victim, wrongfully believing the officer and his work colleague had a relationship outside of the case. The malicious messages sent by Scott Walters varied from obsessive and threatening to sexual in nature.

Investigations into Walters’ behaviour found that he had caused significant alarm and distress to both victims, resulting in a total of seven charges being brought against him. Due to the overwhelming evidence in the case, Scott Walters was left with no choice but to plead guilty to all charges.

Sarah Haslam, Senior Crown Prosecutor from the CPS, said: “The prolific nature of Scott Walters’ stalking not only affected the victims, but also a number of officers and staff at Nottinghamshire Police, who dealt with the case.

Walters caused a great deal of alarm to his victims, never relenting in his pursuit of the victims. The evidence in this case was so overwhelming that he had no choice but to plead guilty to his offences.”

Scott Walters will be sentenced later this year.

Notes to editors

  • Sarah Haslam is a Senior Crown Prosecutor from the CPS East Midlands domestic abuse team

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