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Crown Prosecution Service Commercial Pipeline

Information about the status of current and future procurement opportunities

The CPS Commercial Pipeline provides a forward look at our anticipated outsourcing activity over the next 18 months. Where possible, we have included all our major projects and anticipated procurements valued at £2 million or more.

Neither the publication of this pipeline, nor any of the information presented in it, should be taken as a commitment or representation on the part of CPS  (or any other organisation) to enter into a contractual arrangement or to proceed with a procurement.

Circumstances may change and we cannot guarantee that the requirements, contract value, and/or timeline will be as stated. There may also be further outsourcing activity that takes place that we are not currently aware of, and which may therefore not appear on this CPS Commercial Pipeline.

We will refresh our published Commercial Pipeline every 3-6 months and will continue to publish details of all our opportunities valued above £12,000 (including VAT) on Contracts Finder.


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