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Teenage Neo-Nazi convicted of possessing synagogue attack plan

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A teenager who shared extreme right-wing videos, possessed bomb instruction manuals and plans for an attack on a synagogue has been found guilty of terrorism offences.

Mason Reynolds, 19, from Brighton who held neo-Nazi views and praised attacks by far-right terrorists, faced one charge of possession of an article connected with the preparation of an act of terrorism.

Reynolds created a note detailing a plan to attack a Synagogue in Hove.

Following a police search of his home, various devices were found which had been used to store or share material, including an iPhone and USB drives.

He was also found to be the administrator of a Telegram channel which shared far right extremist, antisemitic and racist views, as well as manuals on bomb building and how to 3D print firearms.

Today Friday, 26 April 2024, Reynolds was found guilty at Winchester Crown Court.

Reynolds had previously pleaded guilty to five offences of possessing information which may be useful to a terrorist and five offences of disseminating terrorist publications. 

The prosecution followed an investigation by Counter Terrorism Policing South East (CTPSE).

Nick Price, Head of the CPS Counter Terrorism and Special Crime Division said: “Mason Reynolds sought to spread hate and encourage acts of terrorism.

“Today’s guilty verdict, along with his earlier guilty pleas, show that he not only held neo-Nazi beliefs but wanted to act on them to cause pain and suffering, which fortunately has been prevented and the public protected due to the work of the policing and prosecution team.”

Notes to editors

•    Mason Reynolds (28/09/2004) was convicted of possession of an article connected with the preparation of an act of terrorism.
•    He will be sentenced at Winchester Crown Court on Friday, 14 June. 
•    Mr Reynolds pleaded guilty to 10 offences before the trial began: 
o    Five offences contrary to Section 58 Terrorism Act 2000 – Possessed of material containing information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism
o    Five offences contrary to Section 2 Terrorism Act 2006 – Dissemination of a terrorist publication
•    The CPS Counter Terrorism Division is responsible for prosecuting terrorism related offences in England and Wales. It also prosecutes official secrets and espionage cases, incitement to racial and religious hatred, war crimes and crimes against humanity, piracy and hijacking.

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