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Letter to the Mail on Sunday on conditional cautions in domestic abuse cases from Max Hill QC, DPP

|News, Domestic abuse

Very strict conditions underpin the use of conditional cautions in domestic abuse cases but the CPS is clear – this is not about letting offenders off the hook (Theresa May's local police force lets off wife beaters with a caution despite PM's pledge to get tough on domestic violence, Sunday 20 January).

Domestic abuse is a deplorable crime. We are committed to prosecuting offenders and supporting victims through the justice process.

Conditional cautions are only available for a first time offence, where there is no evidence of coercive or controlling behaviour,  and only where the victim agrees.

The condition means offenders must complete a rigorous programme to address their relationship and behavioural issues. If they do not complete the programme, they will face prosecution.

Using conditional cautions in these circumstances has had a positive impact on reoffending rates in pilot sites. That’s why we have given permission for four other areas to test them and will carefully evaluate the results from this latest set of trials.

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