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CPS Says: CPS charging decisions have never been made on the basis of performance targets

|News, Sexual offences

We have not changed our policy on charging rape, or any other sexual crime. Whenever the legal test is met, our dedicated prosecutors will bring charges at the most serious level they can, no matter how challenging the case.

Every decision is, and always has been, taken in the same way, following the Code for Crown Prosecutors. No individual charging decision is influenced by any factor other than the merits of the case.

Like most publicly funded bodies, it is right that CPS performance is tracked and analysed. This is carried out by the independent HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate, which publishes its findings.

We recognise how concerning this will be for victims of sexual offences but would like to make it clear that we are as determined as ever to bring perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice, whenever there is sufficient evidence.

The growing gap between the number of rapes recorded, and the number of cases going to court is a cause of concern for all of us. We will implement any improvements suggested as part of the ongoing, cross-justice system rape review.

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