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This is where you will find the CPS position on major issues in the news, our response to inaccurate or misleading media reports and our letters to the media.

See also Articles and speeches  to read articles and speeches from the CPS on matters of relevance to the Criminal Justice System.

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CPS Says: The CPS is working hard to improve prosecution rates across the country

A recent article on The Guardian titled ‘Convictions for rapes in London less likely than in 2015, research shows’ has raised concerns about falling convictions in rape and sexual offence cases in London, despite a rise in reports.

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CPS says: Rape is not 'the perfect crime'

A recent feature on Sky News described rape as ‘the perfect crime’ (99 per cent of rapes reported to Police do not result in legal proceedings – October 15 2020). The CPS is very concerned about the impact this harmful claim could have on victims coming forward. To be clear, of the thousands of people who go through the justice system every year, many are convicted of rape and serious sexual offences.

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Modern slavery

Modern slavery has a devastating effect on its victims, and we are committed to prosecuting these crimes.

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CPS says: Prosecuting rape - judicial review evidence

There have been a number of misleading and inaccurate reports about how rape is prosecuted by the CPS following coverage about the End Violence Against Women Coalition’s (EVAW) judicial review. We are concerned that these reports will deter victims from coming forward.

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CPS Says: Stalking offences under coronavirus lockdown

There has been some discussion about how stalking cases are investigated and prosecuted during the current lockdown. The CPS would like to clarify our approach.

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CPS Says - The Times and Victims' Right to Review

A recent article in The Times (High Court Judges tell prosecutors to rethink dropping of teenage rape case, April 10) contained some inaccuracies about a recent High Court judgment (FNM v DPP).

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CPS Says: the role of the CPS in deciding whether to charge an individual with a criminal offence

We have been asked questions about the role of the CPS in deciding whether to charge an individual with a criminal offence. The following information explains our role and approach. It is not a comment on any individual case.

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Terror offences - charges left to lie on file

A story in the Telegraph - 'Prosecutors allow dozens of charges brought against terrorists to 'lie on file' - has incorrectly claimed the CPS is allowing charges to lie on file for defendants accused of terror offences as part of “sweetheart deals”.

| CPS says , Terrorism , CPS News

CPS Says: CPS charging decisions have never been made on the basis of performance targets

We have not changed our policy on charging rape, or any other sexual crime. Whenever the legal test is met, our dedicated prosecutors will bring charges at the most serious level they can, no matter how challenging the case.

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Charging decisions over the summer

There have been social media comments which suggest the CPS has recently advised police we will only charge high harm and custody cases. This is not true.

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