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International Justice and Organised Crime Division


Sue Patten - Head of the International Justice and Organised Crime DivisionSue Patten is Head of the International Justice and Organised Crime Division (IJOCD). The division operates in three key areas:

Organised Crime - specialist lawyers prosecute members of the most serious organised crime groups operating in England and Wales. The majority of these cases are investigated by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and often involve organised drugs, immigration, sexual exploitation and cyber-crime.

International – dedicated to tackling serious international crime and assisting CPS casework abroad, the CPS has a number of prosecutors based overseas, as well as in the UK, who not only assist UK-based prosecutors on international cases, but also provide assistance to international partners designed to deliver improved prosecutions at home and abroad.

Extradition – specialist prosecutors conduct extradition proceedings on behalf of foreign authorities when requests to extradite a person located in the UK are received from abroad. They also make extradition requests to non-European countries on behalf of CPS Areas and advise colleagues on how to obtain a defendant’s extradition to the UK when they have fled abroad.


Patrick Stevens - Head of InternationalPatrick Stevens is Head of International, which undertakes overseas engagement to provide international assistance to prosecutors in the UK and wider justice delivery in key countries.

The international team is based in London, with prosecutors based abroad in countries of strategic importance to both the CPS and the Government. By developing strong working relationships in these countries, the international team is well placed to assist prosecutors in the UK working on cases with an international aspect. For instance, this team can help improve evidence gathering by speeding up mutual legal assistance and international enquiries from and to the UK.

The international team also undertakes important work delivering strategic international objectives on serious crime and national security threats. Prosecutors based overseas are responsible for delivering justice reform and assistance to improve the detection and effective prosecution of particular types of criminality of concern to the UK, such as terrorism, asset recovery or organised immigration crime.


Debbie Price - Head of ExtraditionDebbie Price is Head of Extradition, the team which deals with the extradition of defendants to or from the UK in order to stand trial or serve a sentence.

The Unit undertakes high quality export extradition casework in England and Wales on behalf of foreign requesting authorities. Extradition casework can be complex and often involve human rights considerations and issues of foreign law. When a request for a person's extradition is received by the UK from another country, the team's extradition prosecutors conduct the extradition proceedings on behalf of the requesting authority.

The extradition team provides a specialist service on import casework and lawyers prepare and manage non-EU extradition requests on behalf of CPS Areas. Whilst CPS Central Casework Divisions draft their own extradition requests and CPS Areas draft their own European Arrest Warrants, the extradition team provides overarching legal guidance and advises on particularly complex matters such as the appropriate use of red notices and provisional arrest requests and the impact of potential human rights issues.

The extradition team also holds the policy lead for extradition matters across the CPS, liaising with the NCA and Home Office as central authorities for European and non-European extradition matters respectively, as well as Eurojust, the European Judicial Network, foreign partners and other government departments.

Contact Information for Extradition

The following email address is for the sole use of practitioners involved with extradition matters who are on the Criminal Justice Secure email system (CJSM):

Please note if you have sent this email from any account other than a CJSM account we will not respond electronically to your request. Further information on CJSM

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