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Young mother sentenced to six years for manslaughter of partner

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Sally Godwin (29) was sentenced to six years' imprisonment at Hull Crown Court for the manslaughter of her partner Ronald Portz.

Apart from a  brief period, the couple had been together since their early teens. For the past decade or more Sally Godwin had been suffering domestic abuse at the hands of Ronald Portz. He would bite and hit her and the assaults had culminated most recently in a broken cheekbone.

The couple would both drink, sometimes to excess, and also take drugs. The court heard that there were frequent fights and arguments when they were under the influence.

On the night of 9 November 2019, during the course of an argument over the whereabouts of some crack cocaine, Sally Godwin fatally stabbed Ronald Portz with a kitchen knife. Their two children were present at the house and witnessed parts of the incident.

Jade Hakeney, for CPS Yorkshire and Humberside, said: “This was a tragic incident, which occurred in the wider context of ongoing domestic abuse within the relationship.

“The CPS accepted a plea of guilty to manslaughter rather than murder, on the basis that Sally Godwin experienced a temporary loss of control. The domestic abuse she had suffered was a significant factor in that decision. Although not entirely one way, she had been the victim of abuse and on one occasion was caused serious injury.

“Sally Godwin is now serving a six-year sentence. Our thoughts remain with her children and wider family.”

Notes to editors

  • Sally Gregson: D.o.B. 22/3/91
  • Jade Hakeney is a Senior Crown Prosecutor with CPS Yorkshire and Humberside.


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