UPDATE: Man sentenced for raping teenage girl in Rotherham during early 2000s

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A man who raped a teenager on two occasions in the early 2000s has been convicted today (9 February) in one of a series of trials connected to allegations of child sexual abuse in Rotherham. He was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Asghar Bostan, 47, raped the victim in a house in the Yorkshire town after she had been given a combination of alcohol and possibly drugs, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

The house was the home of an older woman who had previously befriended the victim. The victim regularly visited the property at the time of the incidents and it was frequented by a number of men, some of whom were taxi drivers, including Bostan.

The teenage victim was much younger than Bostan, who was known to her as ‘Don’, but was made to feel that the incidents were ‘normal’ due to the presence of other adults.

The offences were originally reported to South Yorkshire Police in 2014 and Bostan was later picked out by her in an identity procedure in 2016 following an investigation conducted by the National Crime Agency.

Kate Hurst, from the CPS, said: “Bostan took advantage of a young girl at a time when she was vulnerable.

“On two separate occasions, drink and possibly drugs were used before he took her into the bedroom and raped her. Bostan was much older than the victim who was still a child and barely knew him.

“Bostan denied that he was the male she recognised as ‘Don’ but evidence put forward by the CPS, including the victim’s accounts of the incidents, saw the jury find him guilty.

“I would like to pay tribute to the victim who came forward and bravely supported this prosecution.”

Notes to editors

  • Kate Hurst is a Specialist Prosecutor in the International Justice and Organised Crime Division.
  • Asghar Bostan denied four counts of rape but was convicted by a jury on 9 February.
  • The two rapes were charges as four counts due to the potential dates of the offences, therefore spanning both the Sexual Offences Act 1956 and Sexual Offences Act 2003.
  • Asghar Bostan was prosecuted as part of Operation Stovewood, an investigation into allegations of non-familial child sexual abuse in Rotherham.

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